I mean ops. Totally ops.

My extreme frustration is shown by the fact that I’m not blogging. A week ago, any post I made would have consisted entirely of swear words and incoherent rambling.  It’s nobody’s fault but my own patience level.  I just cannot see or hear stupid Bestia or stupid Brontes again for … well more than 30 minutes at a time.

I’m also not signing up for raids.  I like raiding, but my patience with banging my head against a boss has evaporated as my real life responsibilities become more and more strenuous as the little jedi gets older (you’d think they’d need less attention, but that is not the case!)  I feel like after clearing my schedule for a raid (grinding out husband rep to get him on critter duty for the night), I just want to roflstomp some shit and blow off steam – not hear Bestia and/or Brontes taunting us in that fishwife voice.1

To add to the frustration, there’s once again the stupid “melee are bad in many encounters” issue.  I’m tired of being a class that we have to “compensate” for instead of just being an asset to the raid team.  I’m an asset on the one or two damn fights where there’s an interrupt.  Otherwise, it’s not useful, or a downright burden, to have “the second marauder” along.  To that end, I’m playing my operative more and leveling a sorc.  At least I’m always good at healing.  It’s just something that, after all these years, regardless of game, just comes naturally.

OK, pity party over.  Gotta psych up to level the sorc over double XP weekend (hey, it’s NOT raiding, and I get to shock the shit out of people).  I’m already level 48 and it shouldn’t be too hard to hit 55 over the weekend.

  1. I don’t really know what a fishwife is.  I imagined Sindragosa the same way “Your pathetic magic betraaaays youuuuuu.”


Approaching Raiding Burnout — 8 Comments

  1. I have to say I can understand your frustration. As far as the second marauder being “useless” I completely disagree. Any ops group saying that is doing it wrong. At the moment our ops groups are running more melee heavy and doing just fine. It is all about learning to work with class advantages/disadvantages. I will say though that I think it is a good thing to take breaks from running ops now and again. I am saying this from the viewpoint of a guild officer, occasional raid leader and someone who has had real life rear its ugly head several times. That said, family/real life should always take first priority and that is our biggest guild policy at Despair. Nothing wrong with being a casual raider just as long as the groups you are running with understand that. The point where raiding becomes way more work than fun is a good point to pull back from it for a bit. Let the hardcore folks give themselves a concussion from all the headbanging. It isn’t as if there are restrictions in place like the NFL has in those matters 🙂

  2. I fall asleep during ops and flashpoints. Any time I stop for more than say, a minute, my guildies are asking over mumble if I’ve fallen asleep. Again. Is this why you are looking into Wildstar? Will you be playing it full time or as a second game? Are you looking at any others?

    • The Wildstar investigation is a completely separate issue. Thehusband has been disinterested in SWTOR for a while. Though we are perfectly capable of raiding, guilding, and playing games separately, we’re usually happier if we are playing together. So we’re going to try Wildstar and see if we both like it.

      Compromise: it’s not just for “normal” marriages, it’s also for gamers!

  3. Heeeeey girl! Been a lil while since I made a comment but I’m always checking with this nifty, crazy ass blog 🙂 good thing I do because in reading these recent comments I’ve just discovered Wildstar!! I had no idea (since my head is always buried in the sands of Tatooine) that this game was even in the works!! I think it looks like a lot of fun and I’m def gonna get me a pre order copy ASAP. Not my usual type of game for sure but there’s just something about that cute toony sci-fi world that makes me think it will be a blast!

  4. I understand completely. not only did I rage quit the guild I rage quit the game. It was turning into work, this is supposed to be fun. I do miss some of the folk like you though.

  5. I was rage quitting before rage quitting became cool. 🙂

    Like most folks I kind of drifted away from the raiding lifestyle over several games. For me it was mostly about the frustration of wiping in progression raiding. Toss in a little guild drama and suddenly leveling alts all day every day seems like the way to go!

    If you want to stay a raider (I mean Ops, totally Ops!), you have to be a socially driven person. Only a person who’s bothered by the fact that the solo game is “solo” is going to continue to jump through the hoops it takes to be a raider-ops’er-whatever we’re calling it this week.

  6. I can relate to that feeling very well, when you’re coming up against a brick wall and can’t shake the feeling that your class is at least partially responsible for the troubles you’re having. I had that feeling when we were trying to down Dread Council on NiM. Of course, then the world first kill was done with a Mando healer, but that didn’t change that having a Scoundrel instead just made it look so much easier

    Really, Bioware just needs to release a new operation soon, purely so people whose progression has stalled can do something different again.