Assorted Bugs — 2 Comments

  1. When my first sent was visiting That Sithy Place (no, I don’t mean Scourge’s quarters) at the very end of the class story she found Doc-in-Distress covered in “Missing Granny” from mid-chest to knees. Head canon immediately dictated that “Missing Granny” was the code name for “Dangerously Virulent Strain of Bothan Nether Rot” sooooo…my dps sage runs with Zenith about 99% of the time but every once in a while she’ll drag Tharan away from Holotart and into some instance or other hoping that “Missing Granny” will make a reappearance (a nice break in the dailies/weeklies tedium, the Let’s Infect Tharan With Missing Granny Minigame).

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