Last night was one of those nights where few things were going right.  The biggest problem was that we had 3 melee DPS (2 marauders and a juggernaut) and things were not working.  Usually, the group makeup includes a couple of sorcs or mercs who cover the nagging details and leave me free to simply bash the boss in the face, which is something for which Marauder is well-suited.  Hell, I felt like a freaking hero the other night being able to interrupt and lock down one of those pesky adds all by myself so he couldn’t cast mass-killery1 on the group.  Last night, not so much.

Besides interrupting, and single-target-face-bashing, I couldn’t do jack shit – a helplessness that was amplified by the fact that two others were similarly situated.  It was downright disheartening.

I can’t cleanse.  We stalled out on one encounter because we lacked a non-healer cleanser.

My aoe is terrible.  We stalled out on another encounter in part because we had only one dps with strong AOE.  (We pondered having one of us respec to Rage, but decided not to.  Having one of us respec would have severely gimped our single-target DPS, which creates more problems than it solves.)

Melee is generally at a disadvantage in some encounters.  We had issues taking down adds fast enough because of knockbacks that don’t bother the ranged dps all that much.

I don’t even have a taunt or boss repositioning ability for add control, unlike those cheater DPS juggernauts.

What I do have is superior interrupting (har har) and a super dps buff.  In 2.5, however, the buff becomes raidwide and can only be used once every 5 minutes.  This means that one marauder will be sufficient, unless you need an ungodly number of interrupts.

I know that marauder is in a really good place compared to some other classes in terms of dps levels and mobility.  But they sure don’t stack in a raid as well as some other (ranged) DPS classes.


  1. That’s a technical term


Feeling A Bit Useless As Marauder DPS — 4 Comments

  1. I run melee-heavy often. We may only have 1 Merc as rDPS, and it’s certainly tougher in some fights. Our Marauder is practicing Rage to help get down HM Corrupter Zero adds quicker right now. I sympathize with your melee woes.

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  3. G’ndlf takes issue with your cheater Jugg comment. We don’t do much DPS so we have to have some reason for being there 🙂