After doing the Section X dailies more times than I care to count, the Voss dailies a few times, and the rest of the dailies in the regular course of making money, I have all the dye kit recipes.  I have champion with Voss, Oricon, and Czerka and Legend with Section X and Makeb (I needed legend with Makeb for other assorted recipes).

I never want to see Section X again, ever ever.  Here is why I hate Section X:

  • For the weekly, you must complete a 4-person quest where you need exactly 4 warm bodies to complete it.  This is a hassle.  There should be some wiggle room – 3 warm bodies should be sufficient, and that allows a companion to take up the slack of a missing role.
  • There is digging through creature poo.  Well, what else do you think “waste” is?  Digging through feces is one of those things I hated in WoW.  It’s not funny, dammit.
  • X is not a roman numeral in this context.  It’s “Section Ex” and not “Section Ten.”  That’s stupid.  Operator IX is “Operator Nine.”  It is confusing and I do not care for it!

Time for Bounty Hunter week.  The rep grind is never done.

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