We are so inundated with bad fashion, most of it consisting of people who want to show as much skin as possible, that when I see good fashion I do a double take.  Imagine my surprise when someone has created a unique look from the Visas Marr outfit that I love.


OK, check that out.  Let me break down the pieces.

Visas Marr chest, hat, and skirt.  Dark Purple/Black dye kit on the chest, with color matching.

Now she varies it up.  Notice that she’s not wearing the Visas Marr gloves and bracers:  she’s wearing the invisible ones.  This is because the Visas Marr bracers and gloves would match to the purple part of the outfit and wouldn’t look that great.  Trust me, I’ve previewed it.

Last, the belt.  While I love the belt that comes with the outfit, this one is awesome too because it picks up the gold in the headdress and the cuffs of the sleeves.  I inspected it and found out it was a belt from one of those godawful bikini sets.  I guess they are good for something.

Of course, I gushed at her in tells because, holy shit, I never see people putting together outfits like this.  Simple, elegant, thoughtful.  I am plotting changes to my own Visas Marr outfit right now.


Good Fashion Appears. Shh, You’ll Scare It Away. — 3 Comments

    • The magnificent dancer or exquisite dancer belt from the latest bounty pack (the belts from both sets appear to be the same)