Hi, Santa Bioware.

Me again.  I’m getting my bids in early this year so they can be totally finished by christmas.  Ready?

Dyes should be more easily accessible.  You guys keep lowering the cost of ripping mods so we can change our outfits more often.  But then having freakishly rare and expensive dyes tends to negate that flexibility.  Sure, you’re afraid everyone will go black/black and be cool like Neo in the Matrix1.  Well if you were so worried about everyone looking the same, why so many bikinis?

  • Dyes could be added to collections. Once you get one, you can duplicate it, for a cc fee.  Then you’re still getting cartel coins out of the transaction.
  • Dyes could be ripped.  That way you can keep the dye you love for the next outfit.
  • Dyes could be cheaper.  Basically dyes could be much more common and easy to come by.  Maybe create more crafted dyes.  Mostly-cartel dyes is kinda bull.

Adaptive Crafted Orange Gear.  There is absolutely no reason NOT to do this, and, as Dr Evil would say, throw crafters a freakin bone.

  • “Look” reasons have disappeared.  If you want to be a smuggler that dresses like a bounty hunter, there are many ways to do so now: cartel items, rep items, or social gear.  The idea that you should look like your class is pretty much out the window.
  • Very Little revenue/market share loss.  The cartel market has completely dominated the fashion, with a few rep items here and there.  Even IF you gave crafters adaptive gear, it’s not like they are going to make more than a ripple on the sea of fashion.
  • Armor classes are pretty much disappearing.  The latest tier gear is even adaptive.

More Customizations.  Come on!  Y’all added some stuff with the appearance kiosk and that was IT.  MORE.

  • Allow new hairdos to be used on all species where it works (not zabrak, but no reason not to allow for mirialan)
  • More New Hairdos.  MOAR.  Come on, pleaaaaase.
  • Twi’lek skin colors.  There’s no reason why they can’t be just about ANY shade you can imagine.  No new art required.
  • Miraluka blindfolds.  Better, cooler, NEWER.
  • New Tats for Rats.  C wut I did thar?  New jewelry wouldn’t kill anyone.

Balanced Clothing.  Let me explain this one.  In general, the options are “lots of skin” (such as invisible items or bikinis) or “completely covered” and we’re missing a “some skin” option.  I get that the movies had these extremes, but that’s 3000 years from now!

  • A sleeveless/short sleeved shirt that isn’t a belly shirt.  Like Satele Shan wears.  Something that isn’t totally ridiculous on the field of battle.
  • Necklines or low backs.  We have gorgeous evening-style dresses that have turtlenecks.  This is weird-looking.  Why not a simple v-neck?

Better Healer Tools.  A girl can dream, right?  I have been asking Santa Bioware for this since the beginning.

  • Filterable/better debuff display.  For cleansing, yo.
  • Mouseover Targeting.  It wouldn’t have to be a macro.  It could be a check box in the preferences “enable mouseover targeting on ops frames.”

No doubt I will think of super-important things I forgot after I hit “publish” but these are my wants… for now.


What are you asking Santa Bioware for this year?

  1. The #1 request from my SWG days


Dear Early Santa Bioware — 4 Comments

  1. An option to choose any alignment stage’s appearance that you’ve gotten to. I -love- Dark Side I thanks to the awesome eyes and subtle shading differences, but I usually turn “Show Alignment” off once I hit Dark Side II. It’d be nice to be able to choose what to show.

    In addition to that, maybe come up with some appearance changes for Light Side. I get that it’s harder, but it’d be nice.
    Finally, more hair color options. Let us get crazy! It’s not like it’s lorebreaking to have all manner of hair colors available to all classes, I’m pretty sure their galaxy has hair dye.

    • Agreed about the hair dye. Especially for cyborgs which are just humans with accessories. Although you could argue that Zabraks just don’t DO hair dye that since they don’t do makeup either.

      • True. Although still, there are always outliers in a species (hell, there was even a Hutt Jedi once).

        Yeah, it annoys me that cyborgs get fewer options elsewhere. Although that reminds me, more cyborg options would be nice.

        Oh yeah, and I’m not sure if this would cause problems somehow, but a couple different Twi’lek headtail options wouldn’t go amiss, like one in front over the shoulder, or around in front and over the other shoulder. You know, like you see in the movies/other Star Wars games.

  2. Meh, I still say mouse-over healing is a silly crutch (and one that would actually slow me down some.) But I guess as long as I can opt out, I don’t care if anyone else opts in (I’ll just clown them mercilessly when I find out they’ve done so.)