Here are some of the highlights of the newest inductees into the hall of shame.

The *Barbie* Legacy. Really.

The *Barbie* Legacy. Really.

Color Fail

So Much Fail

Send me your screenies if you have a monstrosity you’d like to share.  Njessi (at) hawtpantsrepublic (dot) com.


Hall Of Shame Inductees: No Butts, No Glory — 5 Comments

  1. Lol, at least the Barbie Legacy is honest about it… and I have to admit I kind of like the green person in blue and green. XD

    • I’m with Shintar on the Barbie Legacy. This person went the whole nine yards by kitting out the character with the right hair and everything. Is this person alt-less, or do they have the same appearance for all of the characters on that server who have to wear that legacy? If this person has a fully leveled legacy with all eight class stories completed by Barbie and Ken, they are awesome.

  2. I’ve been putting some apart for you, just keep forgetting to track them and send them. Also, half of them happen to be my guildies… oops. xD

    These are amazing as usual. 😀