Yeah yeah, you’ve all seen the patch notes, but these are the awesome things that I care about.  So they are more important.

New Operations.  This is a big one for me, because I was getting a little tired of the 2 that we have available.  Also, nightmare modes of the same old crap aren’t really that awesome.  They’re just wipefests on the same thing that you’ve seen for months.  Boooring.

New Dailies.  I could use a new daily area.  Ever since getting max rep with Makeb, I have zero motivation to run those anymore, leaving me with just Czerka to fill the void.  I love that Czerka only requires solo quests and the rest can be filled with the group finder, and I hope these dailies are the same way.  I absolutely despise cobbling together 4 strangers out of general chat to do the Section X weekly.

Cargo Bay In the Cartel Area.  Hawt.  It will be a very convenient place to hang out with the GTN, cargo bay, and image kiosk all in the same place.  And now that it’s a rest area, no penalty to just log out there.

Belsavis Transporters Linked.  This was one of the reasons I hated questing in Northern Belsavis – because once you got up there, you were stuck there until you were done with the damn planet.  If you used QT back to civilization, it was HELL to get back to the quest hub.   It was transport once, ride through angry Esh’ka to the next transporter, transport again, get eaten by some other creature, drive to quest hub.

Dye Lore And Low-Level Orange Gear.  I knew the lore gear was coming, because it was mentioned on the forums, but I was pleasantly surprised about the low-level orange gear.  This is going to be great, but not so fun when I swap out my outfit (again) and need to… re-augment.

GTN Improvements.  Remembering item information you don’t have to put in the price and duration every time? Yes please.  Also sorting by price-per unit will be super-useful.

Treek Conversations Fixed.  OK, I confess, this I didn’t really worry about.  I got so excited that Treek was NOT Quinn, I hadn’t noticed that she was not actually speaking to me.  But now that it is fixed, I want to hear what she has to say.

Did I miss anything awesome? Let me know!


Patch 2.4 According To Me — 6 Comments

  1. Love the opening of the article lol. Oh and the rest too… I literally just finished belsavis on my gunslinger yesterday. I forgot they were fixing those travel points in 2.4 or I would’ve waited. Those were always a nightmare. Oh yea and I’m super excited about the gear dye changes! My favorite sith chest in game is a level 15 orange called dark adepts robe I think. It looks like a hoodie. And I really wanted it in white for my sorc! Can’t wait to try everything out! It’s all lookin pretty hawt! 🙂

      • Yes there is white/white but it’s obscenely expensive. Fortunately the specific chest piece I’m talking about is one of the weird ones that pretty much has no secondary color, so even a white orange makes it white! 🙂

  2. Oh yea. Also, I feel a kinship with you due to your open, flaming hatred of Quinn lol. I look forward to my marauder getting up in the story to the point where I can watch his annoying skinny body get force-slammed into a wall again 😛

  3. The new dailies (and their associated weekly) do require a single HEROIC 2+. It is soloable, if you are well-geared and careful to only pull 1 champion at a time, but it is not Group Finder-able. It occurs in an open world HEROIC area immediately before the bridge that leads into the operations entry area.