Quinn is annoying me.  He stands smugly on the bridge all the time.  “Hi there.  I realize you want to kill me.  But you can’t.”

Well, at least he doesn’t get to be smug in a snazzy outfit.


Quinn: you get a gas mask and a miniskirt.  Enjoy.


Punishing Quinn — 3 Comments

  1. I *always* do this for companions I don’t like as well!

    Okay, well maybe not the exact same outfit, but I make sure that they at least wear a silly hat. Face covering if they’ve really been bad.

    I keep hoping they might take the hint and get amazing and nice all of a sudden… you never know!

  2. Ha! You should slap his nasally ass into an elegant/luxurious dress setup complete with tiara. That will show that sniveling, treacherous fop 🙂