Quinn is still my most hated companion of all time, no question.  But Tharan may have been bumped out of second place by Ashara.  She is such an idiot!

First, she only gives the lowest level of affection for gifts, unless you’re BSOCKing her.  Well, as a female, I’m not.  I totally would if it would get her to accept my presents with more than a chilly “that’s quite nice.”  Dammit, Ashara, stop being so expensive to bribe.

Since my assassin, Raijah, is Light V, I started taking out Ashara during conversations to get affection points for all my goody-goody light side choices.  We’ve had a few conversations and she wants to talk again.  Righty-o!  I will bribe her to 10k if it kills me.

Conversation goes something like this:


Ashara: I changed my mind, I’m NOT talking to you!

Um… didn’t you just say you wanted to talk?  Don’t drag my ass up to the ship and then act like a 5-year old!  Fortunately for HER, Raijah is Light V and won’t say all the shit that real-me is thinking.

Raijah: I’m sorry that you’re unhappy but um… what?

Ashara: Some sith you’ve never heard of did some terrible shit to some dude you’ve never heard of on Corellia and it’s totally YOUR FAULT.

What the everlovin? How does that logically follow?  In a much more polite way than real-me is feeling, my Light V toon takes the high road.

Raijah: You can’t blame me for everything every sith does.

Ashara: Blah blah you’re right, I’m sorry.  I’m having trouble adjusting to being a dirty imperial.  How would you feel if you were suddenly apprenticed to a Jedi on the republic side?

Last I checked, Ashara ended up on my ship because she stupidly burned all her bridges on the pub side and had no damn choice.  Now she’s acting like she’s a victim of circumstance.  Yeah, that circumstance is her own idiocy.  Dumbass.  I mean, Light V, Light V.

Raijah: Perhaps I haven’t been sensitive enough to your situation.

To which she gives the -3 of shame.  Holy shit, can I do nothing right?

I’m not exactly psyched for the next conversation where she’ll likely blame me for the fact that Tattooine is so damn hot and Hoth is so damn cold.


Ashara Zavros Is An Illogical Whiner — 5 Comments

  1. Lol, Ashara is my least favourite spunky-yet-sensitive padawan apprentice as well. Good thing my inquisitor was super light as well, else I never would have got anywhere with her affection.

  2. I love when she says “Don’t make me go against my training.” Uh, we just butchered a dozen Jedi and a regiment of Republic troops. I think we blew up that bridge a long time ago.
    Love the blog!

    • Seriously. If ya don’t like it, Ashara, there’s the door. Don’t let it hit your ass on the way out.

      (And when I say “door” I mean “airlock”)

  3. Is there any combat penalty if you completely blow off the alignment of your companion and go to negative affection? Much as it would pain me not to get the +10 presence bonus for my legacy, it sounds like such a tempting option in this case.

    • The obvious solution is to let us put shock collars on our companions and lose affection by shocking them. Repeatedly.