Second Bounty Hunter Week

I haven’t done ANYTHING for the second Bounty Hunter week.  I’m so lazy!  And I probably won’t.

My world-event participation reasoning, after the initial “see all the content” pass, goes something like this:

1) Is there a pretty outfit involved?  If Yes, go to 2.

2) Will it take an unreasonably long time to get said outfit? If no, go to 3

3) No, really, just how hot is this outfit?  If “rly hot” ok, fine, grind the event.

I have already received my bounty hunter armor which is “rly hot”.  It was also available at “newcomer” [edit: oops, not friend] level which I consider to be a reasonable but not excessive amount of work to get.

Screw the hat, it looks so badass with a scanner.

Screw the hat, it looks so badass with a scanner.

If it had been a few rep tiers up, I probably would not have bothered, because the armor was for an alt and not my main.  Having said that, I’m still completely done getting what I want from the bounty hunter guys, so I see no need to repeatedly planet-hop after I’ve already seen all the event content once.

So now, I’ll just sit back and wait until the next “rly hot” armor is introduced in some way.  Any day now…

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    Second Bounty Hunter Week — 3 Comments

    1. I admire that. I’m a completionist and it drives me crazy if my reputations aren’t all maxxed out. Still waiting for the Cartel reps to be moved to their own section. That’s where I personally draw the line.

      • Don’t worry, I’m obsessive about things – just not rep or achievements. Shall we talk about my orange recipe collection?

    2. The changes to the kingpin missions have meant that it’s taken me 20 more henchman bounties than it would have to finish had I not been away for half of the last go-’round. Still not sure if I like the changes, because I now have an crapload of purple rep items, or dislike them for the 20 extra henchman missions I had to run.