Setting Goals And Priorities For Game Events

I love world events, but I am not a fan of the pressure to complete all the things in a limited timeframe.  At times like this, though, I remind myself that I’m an adult and I can simply choose NOT to participate in whatever I don’t want to participate in.  Neiner neiner.

Most WoW events were on an annual calendar, so even though the event would come back, it was on such a long timeframe, continuation seemed impractical.  Knowing full well that I haven’t a prayer of finishing most WoW events, I didn’t do more than dabble in them.1

But SWTOR events are different and better, in my opinion.  Or at least, after a few hiccups, they’re becoming better.

  • Events are Recurring: with the exception of the first two (goddammit), they’ve figured out that people like the ability to continue an event, rather than starting all over from scratch.
  • Events recur often enough.  Once a month or once every couple of months is just about right.  If you miss it because you’re on vacation, you’re not going to be shit out of luck for another YEAR.
  • Rewards are linked to rep that carries over from previous events AND is legacy-wide.  No more doing brewfest on each damn alt.  You know what i’m talking about.
  • Rewards are available at all times.  You don’t need to spend all your tokens now or lose them.  The vendor will still be there even after the event ends.  Shit happens, and sometimes you INTEND to buy something but life happens and you can’t.

I really enjoyed doing the bounties. I chose to do them without really reading a guide and just picking planets as the mood struck me.  I purposely didn’t “grind” or try to pokemon catch them all this time around.  There will be time for polishing off any stragglers that I haven’t finished later on when the event comes back.  See?  My attitude is already improved by the fact that I know it WILL come back and about WHEN that will happen.

So as not to drive myself totally nutto with this event, I set my goal for this week as “newcomer” status for the armor.

Screw the hat, it looks so badass with a scanner.

Screw the hat, it looks so badass with a scanner.

This worked out pretty well.  I spent some days doing a lot of bounties, some days doing a few bounties, and easily made my goal by mid-week.  It was great to then let myself off the hook for the rest of the event.  Any bounties I did after that would be “gravy”.2

Next BH week, my goal is to get to friend status for that awesome-looking pistol-blaster.  Nothing says “I am overcompensating for the size of my nonexistent e-dong” like a comically oversized blaster in each hand.

  1. Which is too bad.  I really liked pissing out horde fires during midsummer festival, but I knew I didn’t have a prayer of getting to them all before the end of the event.
  2. That worked out rather well since I ended up getting the plague and couldn’t play anyway. No “gravy” bounties occurred.

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    Setting Goals And Priorities For Game Events — 5 Comments

    1. I’m glad this event worked out well for you. :) You certainly sound like you took a much more sensible approach than me and my crazy henchmen farming, lol.

      I’m not sure I like the idea of more reoccurring events though. Yes, I understand all the arguments about one-time content and I think you make some good points about how to do a repeating event well, but at this rate if they keep adding more we’ll just end up with a stupidly event-crowded calendar after a while and I’m afraid they’ll lose all sense of being special.

      • True. I think I’d care more about “special” if I didn’t have RL bonking me in the head so much and preventing me from getting online during specific weeks – with no warning.

        My husband went nutto with his guild on getting bounties every night of this last event. He didn’t even want to LOOK at a PC last night.

          • We were always in separate guilds, but on the same faction and server. We had a joint raiding program for a while which was how we found out, haha, that it’s REALLY hard for us to raid at the same time because SOMEONE who is 5 years old is uncooperative about going to bed. So he stayed rep-side when I went sith side – and one of the considerations is that the sith guild raids on his guild’s off nights. Our raiding nights are now staggered and peace and harmony has been restored to our drama queen daughter who just CANNOT HANDLE when mommy and daddy aren’t immediately available to deal with whatever excuse she’s come up with for not going to bed.

    2. I loved SWTOR events. Sounds like they’re even better now than they were. Sure wish the game either wasn’t $15 or free to play wasn’t so jacked up. I’d love to put in about 10 hours a month. :(

      Luckily, I still have you to keep me informed.