I just got Treek, and so far I’m pretty happy.  Although, honestly, I was about to slap the shit out of that droid that kept calling her “it”.  No, droidbrain, you’re an “it”.  Treek is a “she”.  Get it right.

Treek, your first assignment is to turn this THING into scrap.

Treek, your first assignment is to turn this THING into scrap.

I very much like Treek.  The main reason I wanted her was as a healer to replace Quinn, and she has delivered on that.  Her healing is strong and she doesn’t seem to overuse attacks when healing needs to be done.  But when she does attack, she throws grenades.

Coolness factor is great.  The animations are cool.  The sounds are cool.  And she doesn’t whine.  The little voice is so freaking cute, but her little trash talk is also a refreshing change of pace from Quinn’s cringing routine.

Don't you wish your healer was awesome like me?

Don’t you wish your healer was awesome like me?

A few other things that are actually relevant to questing:

She does heal a little in her tank stance.  There is a very minor trickle of healing during the battle, which is not going to make or break any encounter.  However, she does heal both of you completely up between battles even when in tank stance.  Considering that one perk of having a healer companion is lack of downtime, this can be a serious WIN for questing.  I leveled my gunslinger with a tank companion, even after I had a healer companion, because it was strategically the best combo.  Downtime was annoying.  If I were to level a sniper right now, Treek would be my companion of choice.

She does not have standard healer companion cc.  All the other healer companions have a carbonizing or zapping channeled CC – which has saved my butt on many occasions when used strategically.  However, I don’t need CC all that often, and I actually end up turning it off sometimes on Mako or Quinn to prevent the idiot companion from spending all the time trying to carbonize weak enemies rather than healing my butt.  I can see using the mostly-retired Quinn at some point if I truly need that carbonizing stream to buy me some time during a particularly difficult encounter.

Well worth the million credits.  I haven’t bought the account-wide unlock yet, but that is the plan, as soon as one of my alts needs a Treek.


Treek The Awesome (Quinn Is So Fired) — 4 Comments

  1. Good to know. Not sure when this is going to be feasible for me though, by the time I get to Legacy 40 I probably won’t have many characters left to level. Maybe if the prices come down on the GTN – I’m always surprised how little some of these things re-sell for.

    • If you aren’t in a hurry, there might be a cartel market sale. And, even if YOU aren’t the one spending cartel coins, it will drive down the price on the GTN.

      • Absolutely, and I think the GTN resale market is a big part of what’s making F2P work for Bioware – they got $20 from someone, even if it wasn’t me. I can justify the 700 CC to unlock Treek account-wide if I can get her off of the GTN, but throwing in the initial unlock is a bit more than I’m willing to spend for one add-on companion.

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