Prioritizing New Content For The Casual And Busy Gamer

It’s no secret that as a gamer with a job or kids, or both, or having a LIFE for that matter – you have to prioritize.  It’s just not possible to do all the things all at once, unless you want to move into your mom’s basement.  Don’t do that.

The way I see it, there are a shitton of things that are new and might possibly be done.


The biggest obstacle to getting Treek is money, either in cartel coins or in credits.  Under the “time equals money” theory, grinding the one mil credits is basically a time cost.  Spending cartel coins is either a drain on real-pocketbook or you have saved up a bunch of stipends and are willing to forego other cartel-buyable items.

If you HAVE legacy 40, grind the 1 mil to unlock the first Treek (because spending 2100 cc at one time is bullshit).  Then spend the 700 cc to unlock via collections for everyone else (because grinding and spending 300k per Treek is bullshit).

This companion has great strategic value and I would set this as one of my top priorities for this patch.  For one thing, you can have a tank or healer on your alts just as early as you please.  Remember how I swore about Doc being so damn late in the Jedi Knight story?  Well, Treek solves that.1  Second, and most importantly, you can tell Quinn he’s been reassigned to fresher-cleaning duty.2

Tauntaun Mounts

For this mount, it costs time or money.  The quest is reported to take 2-3 hours.  Even if this estimate is too low, it takes a hell of a lot of time to earn 1-5 or 2 million credits.

For the busy gamer, I suggest waiting for the initial rush to dissipate, and then finding a random off-peak time to mop up the quest. Especially on a PvP server, you don’t want to be competing with other players for resources.

Bounty Hunter Week

Argh, I hate limited time events.  I get why BW does them, but I HATE IT.  This is mostly a time/scheduling problem because you’re in the position of having to squeeze playtime into a timeframe that might be inconvenient for you.  At least it’s coming back on a predictable schedule, so there’s no rabid foaming at the mouth that you need to finish it all NOW.  I wouldn’t cancel raiding for this.

The only item I consider “useful” is the modified blaster carbine which you can get at friend level.  This is useful for smuggling barrels between alts.  Since it is capable of being an offhand, you might also be able to smuggle offhand barrels.  This may or may not be important to you.

As with the tauntauns, I suggest trying this at off-peak times.  Competing for resources or spawns with other players multiplies the time required for any activity.

New Dailies

Sorry, I’m not going to be first in line to grind dailies.  Yes, it’s new content.  And yes, new rewards.  But it will be crowded at first (remember – competing for resources and mobs makes it go slower) and it will be old hat soon enough – what’s the rush?  The dailies aren’t going anywhere, and I’m in no rush to be bored with yet another daily hub.  Put this one on hold until the rush dies down.

These will be both a time and money suck.  You finally get to the desired rep level, only to find that the desired item costs a ton of credits or comms.

The good rewards come at Champion level – all the more reason not to rush since it is going to take forever.  First, a bind on legacy sword for smuggling hilts. Second, a black and deep blue dye module for artificers.  There are few modules with black as the primary color, so this will be a crowd favorite.

Droid armor schematics are pretty cool, if you use HK a lot.  I guess.  Can’t you just use an orange droid part and then slap in armoring etc like everyone else?  If so, seems like a waste to be spending time and energy on droid-specific items.

The overpriced main hand weapons aren’t worth mentioning.  300+ elite comms for a weapon?  Are you shittin me?  For that price, buy the isotopes and get your friendly neighborhood crafter to make you a hilt or barrel.  Also, 1 mil for customizations and a vanity car?  Sorry.  Got better things to spend my cash on.

New Flashpoints

Sure, why not?  That sounds awesome.  The only priority you need to put on this is finding the time to run it every now and then.

Definitely do these at peak time.  First, the queues will generally pop faster.  Second, your guildies are more likely to be online.  If you are a DPS, you can grab a healer or tank guildie to make the queue even faster.  And, regardless of queue times, having guildies in your group always increases your chance of success – which means fewer wipes, which means less time suck.


It seems pretty overwhelming and expensive, and it is completely impossible to get all the things right away.  But if you strategize and have a little patience (don’t just blindly jump face-first into new content), you can get a lot done pretty efficiently.

  1. And yes, Hodara, I GET that I could outfit the ship droid, but EEW.
  2. I fucking hate Quinn.

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    Prioritizing New Content For The Casual And Busy Gamer — 6 Comments

    1. Can’t you just use an orange droid part and then slap in armoring etc like everyone else?

      The problem is that all the (non-crafted) armorings in high-level gear are bound to their specific slot, and droid parts don’t count as chest, legs, hands etc., so no armoring extracted from normal armour is “fits” in any of their slots.

      • Ohhh I see, so then you’d be capped at crafted 28′s, and these components are one level above those (effectively would be the equivalent of elite comm armorings). But still, screw droids! Treek ftw!

    2. There’s no competition on the tauntauns as far as I know. There are 3 tauntauns per nest, you use an consumable on them and after that they have an individual cooldown per tauntaun. There were loads of people near the nests today, but I could just travel from nest to nest to try and learn them out without any problem.

      • This sounds reasonable. I can’t imagine that it will take longer than grinding 1 million credits, even if I am impatient to get the New Shiny.

        • Definitely.
          It might be worth it to try to buy the data thingies from people if you want to save credits, though. I’ve seen them around for 25-50k per thing (cheapest on Hoth, more expensive on the fleet). If you’re smart about it and manage one for 500k then it might be a different story.

          I still prefer to try and get them myself, though. Even though I’m not sure yet about which character to use it on.