Vector Hyllus, bug man.  WHAT THE HELL, BIOWARE!?  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

So far, I’m not terribly impressed with the imp-side romance options.  First there’s Torian Bieber, the clueless.  Then Malavai Quinn the… well I could go on all day about him, but suffice to say, he is NOT BOYFRIEND MATERIAL.  Now, bug boy.

Why do I hate him?  Well, many reasons.

  • He’s creepy looking.
  • He uses the “royal we”.
  • Oh yeah, and he’s a fucking insect.

Really, that last reason is the only reason that matters.

I judge a man by the size of his swarm.

I judge a man by the size of his swarm.

After a few meetings with him and his insectoid compatriots on Alderaan, he gives Zylie a charming gift: membrosia.  I don’t know the bugs make it, but I have a basic idea:


Yech.  He assures Zylie that the mystery bug-juice wont turn her into a joiner “in those quantities.” Mmmhm, and we should believe someone who has already drunk the kool-aid that we should drink it too?  I THINK NOT.  That shit’s going to be flushed down the fresher as soon as his back is turned.

After all that, surprise surprise, Keeper says “Yo, he’s being assigned to your ship.”  And Zylie says “awww, do I hafta?”  I mean, seriously, how do we know he won’t be pouring that membrosia shit in her ear while she’s sleeping?

Clearly there are no suitable eligible bachelors on the imperial side.


Don’t Get Your Antennae In A Twist — 13 Comments

  1. Vector is actually my favourite love interest in the game. 🙂 Once you get over this bug-ness, he turns out to be a very calm and sensible guy with an understated sense of humour. What’s not to like? 😛

  2. Whaaaattt, Vector is amazing!

    I love that (a)he is a bit dense and (b) also overly happy to agrre with you, it leads to some completely hillarious moments.

    • I’ve had him out for combat for a bit and he’s a hoot. “We are victorious, much to our surprise.” Dang, dude, are you going to be shocked EVERY time we win? Cause, um, we win a lot.

  3. I really liked Vector, to the extent that I think my husband actually got jealous. I loved his poetic way of talking.

    • Don’t laugh, but Doc was the BEST. He’s a terrible flirt and it’s a delicate game to keep him interested without hopping into the medbay sack with him at every opportunity (although you can do that too). In the end, he’s smartass but dedicated, and it’s very sweet the way he tries to hide his true feelings under the flirty machismo.

      Corso was ok… I mean, it’s very sweet and cute IF you have already decided you want to entertain his advances. It takes a lot for him to finally drop his drawers, and it’s kind of a victory. If you’re totally not into it and shut him down, he quickly turns into Eagle Scout Stalker who can’t take a hint.

  4. The bug part was a lot to get over.. but the voice, oh, that voice. Whenever my agent got too weirded out by ‘my boyfriend’s a bug with creepy eyes’, I’d just listen. -dreamy look-