My very first toon was a scoundrel healer, before I fell in love with pwning face on my sentinel.  I had leveled the scoundrel up to 37 with my husband before swapping mains.  Then, after hitting 50 on the sentinel, I went back to finish off the scoundrel climb to 50.  In that last push, whilst soloing, I realized that I thoroughly sucked at scoundreling – something that is easily unnoticed when leveling with a partner and pwning things faster than they can shoot at you.

As we’ve established before, I am an idiot.  I’m currently leveling an agent, because everyone’s like BLAH BLAH STORY OMG.  And, in a fit of stupidity, I picked operative, on the rationale that I already have a pure-dps toon…. and I suck at cover.

But wait! It will be different this time!

  • First, I know wtf I’m doing.  That counts for a lot.  Leveling a new character is easier after the first, right?
  • Second, I have presence out the wazoo.
  • Third, I have legacy perks.

So let’s do this thing!  As I leveled, making full use of double xp to skip boring side-quests, I thought… wow this is easier than I remember!  I’m just slicing and dicing, no big deal.


Then I hit Alderaan and shit just got real.  While I am having no trouble healing things at level, killing them seems to be getting more difficult.  Kaliyo is suddenly squishier and is yabbering for help all the time.

However, there’s a fourth thing that I didn’t have the first time: group finder.  I can just heal my way to 50.  I’ve been queuing when I can and things have been going pretty well…

I’m in this group with a merc DPS who is in healing stance.  I know that she realizes she’s in healing stance because she keeps shooting green paintballs at people.  I figure she’s just helping me out between pulls, but no, she stays in that stance.  I decide to speak up and say tactfully “are you aware you’re still in healing stance” and she’s like “oh yeah, I always am.”  In a situation like that, when the other 2 people have already dropped group due to her incompetence, it seems unfair to penalize me with a lockout for also dropping group. Sigh.

Muscling through idiots, one flashpoint at a time…


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    • I cannot disagree with your post enough, but seeing how it’s your opinion and it would be improper to yell ‘You’re a poopy-face dumbhead!’ I shall just say ‘No.’

      • You could go a step further and offer reasons for your own opinion. Maybe that’s part of why I’m “wrong,” but I’ve yet to have anyone tell me *why* its such a good storyline. The only real opinion I’ve gotten out of anyone is “it sucked less than the others did.”

        • I’m having a fun time so far, although I’m only in chapter 1, I think. I got to dress up as a gonk droid! Clomp clomp clomp! Also, I got to bluff my way into Alderaan as a mercenary. I could have chosen to be a “noble”, but I thought being a non-human, that probably wouldn’t worky.

        • I also disagree, but as the storyline I played and the storyline you describe only hazily resemble one another, I can’t help wondering if you lost a good deal of the storyline due to playing through it with other people. (One slight problem with putting storylines in an MMO is that you _can_ miss important things due to your teammates.)

          I also suspect that your expectations and the expectations of those of us who liked it were not the same. I was expecting a light, tropetastic, James Bond-esqe story. You were – I gather – expecting a dramatic, serious story. (Are there any of those in SW:TOR?)

          To Njessi from spoilers, I’ll adjourn to your blog.