Dear Santa Bioware,

I realize it’s early but I’m a special snowflake, so I have extremely REASONABLE demands that I want ASAP.  No pressure.

(1) Armor dye slots for low level oranges.

Oh come on, guys, you’re killing crafters here.  You can dye almost all cartel items (wearable at level 1) but not the low-level orange items.  Those sets are pretty damn cool and pretty popular.  In fact, one of them is the infamous Jedi Belly Shirt.  If we could dye them, we’d be able to sell them again! Of course then everyone would be wearing said belly shirt but, hey, your newest offerings1 make the Jedi Belly Shirt look downright conservative.

In case you’re wondering, the set I’m ogling for a dye job is the sith dueling leathers.

(2) Hair For All!  Nondiscrimination for Aliens!

Why on earth do the new human hair styles not work on mirialans or chiss, or CYBORGS ffs which are basically humans with accessories?  There’s no functional reason why they should not.  Make it happen, or the RCLU (Republic Civil Liberties Union) will be all up in your business.

(3)  More Hairdos

Please!  The whole fleet is starting to look like Relaxed Armor Barbie and Elven Archer Ken.



  1. “Relaxed” anything = LOOKIT MAH BOOBS


More Demands. Because I’m Important. — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, I actually agree on all points for once! Especially the hairdos for other species. I’ve got a cyborg alt who’d be perfect for a braid, but for some reason we can’t have that…

    Lol @ Relaxed Armor Barbie. I haven’t seen many males with the new hair though! And I still maintain that the Relaxed armours are a step up from the bikinis because at least they actually do cover the boob properly (if little else). 😛

    • As a small consolation, I bought the chiss color pack while it was on sale. That braid is awesome – I have it on my marauder.

  2. Yes, to all of the above. Both the hair style thing and the no-armor-dye-for-you thing are just flat out weird. Why not make all* oranges dyeable? Why not let all the species (or whatever cyborgs are exactly *is confused*) that have human-type hair have the new hairdos? Are there going to be more species specific hairdo packs which will make this all make sense?

    Of course, I’m still bummed that there are so few outfits I like. My tastes and the designers tastes do not seem to be on the same page. 🙁

    *Okay, I can kind of get behind the idea of having lore items not be dyeable. But I’m even iffy on that.