Dear Quinn,

As you may be aware, since I know full well that you have bugged my private holocomm, we are to be getting a new member of the crew.  Effective immediately, you are relieved of your field duties, and Treek will be taking your place as my medic, leaving you more time to perform your administrative duties on the ship.

This personnel change may seem punitive and, I assure you, it is.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I hate you.

In order to facilitate this transition, I have given you two weeks of mandatory personal leave on Makeb.  The weather is nice and the planet is highly unlikely to explode while you are there, but that is a risk I’m willing to assume.

Lord Cytherat is my contact on that planet and he owes me a favor.  He will attend to your every need.  Let’s just say that while he and I didn’t quite click on a personal level, I suspect that you two will hit it off.

XOXO (Just a figure of speech.  I really have no intention of getting near you.)

Darth Njessie


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