Two, actually.

First was a 16-man Scum & Villainy Story Mode PUG.  Normally, I hate pugs.  But, in a fit of stupidity, I accepted the invitation.  Here’s why:

  • I need gear
  • I don’t know the fights at all and if I get all the derping out of my system with strangers, I should know wtf I’m doing when it’s time to do that raid with the guild.
  • Derping is less noticable in a 16-man.

Needless to say, I derped quite a lot, but others derped more, so it’s not so bad.

After the raid, I was psyched and ready to go on the guild run scheduled for the next night. But first, I needed to sort out DPS.  See, I hadn’t raided as carnage (combat) in a really long time, and the rotation has changed a hell of a lot with 2.0 – not as much with Annihilation.  So first I parsed a few minutes with carnage and then I switched and parsed a few minutes with annihilation.  The results were about the same.  However! (and this is a big however) I’m pretty good at doing the annihilation rotation right whereas I’m still fucking up the carnage rotation.  Stands to reason, therefore, that once I get the carnage rotation right, I’ll be doing higher dps than my anni dps.  So I’ll stick it out for the win.

Keeping carnage spec, we started the raid, only to go to Toborro’s courtyard.  Oh yea, the one thing I hadn’t studied before the raid.  DUH on me.  I did croak most stupidly  to the big fat fire thing, but once I had seen it once, it was pretty easy to avoid.

Then we did the weekly so we’d get extra comms – and it turned out to be TFB.  I was so relieved because I did a hell of a lot of TFB before 2.0 and know what the hell I’m doing there.

What is INTERESTING though is doing things with a new group.  For example, on Operator IX, we always called out the pylon positions as “o’clocks”. They call them out as “right/left” from a certain doorway.  This will take an adjustment in my thinking, but isn’t a big deal.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Njessie the Sithie Pwns Face.


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