I have long suspected that it is pretty much impossible to predict when someone will trigger a companion conversation, and when that will occur in the overarching story.  The companion dialogue has to be written essentially blind and not reference things that may or may not have happened.  Equally, the main story is written blind to what may or may not have transpired between your character and the companion.  While some companion conversations are gated by getting to a certain chapter, that’s about it.  You can finish up most companion conversations at the beginning of Chapter 3, provided that you have enough affection.

The romance options are tricky in this regard.  In the main story when you have the opportunity to flirt, the answer is usually something noncommittal.  More than once, my character had been married to the companion in question, and a [flirt] in the main story line was met with a generic reaction that could be applicable to dating, marriage (less so), or neither.  I noted that Torian in the BH story was quite smitten with my toon in the main storyline conversations but then was subsequently standoffish with her in companion conversations until bribed sufficiently with guns and ammo.

Then we get to Mr. Quinn.  AHEM!



***I MEAN IT.***


As previously mentioned, I knew that Quinn was going to be a colossal disappointment, so I purposely avoided doing companion conversations with him until a certain EVENT had happened in the main story.  I had known of people who had completed the romance with him before the EVENT and were not happy that the EVENT had not taken into account the relationship at all, so I decided to do things in the opposite order.

The EVENT occurred.  And yes, I gave in to the dark side and force choked his sorry ass.

See what I mean?  This screenshot warms my heart.

Seriously?  How did he expect I’d react?

Then I escaped out of the EVENT’s aftermath just so I could force choke him AGAIN. I could force choke that moron all day.

I force choked that idiot so hard, his companion customization kit fell off.

I force choked the idiot so hard that his companion customization kit popped off.

After the EVENT,  I had some options, and one was “we’re breaking up”.  That seemed appropriate – much more appropriate than forgiveness.1  I took that option and said something about him not being welcome in my quarters anymore.  He lamented this for maybe one line.  Wait – he hasn’t taken my toon up on any invitations to enter quarters!  In fact he’s been rebuffing her advances.  Well then, bucko, the feeling is mutual now, as Njessie has no desire to get near him, other than close enough to perform a legacy dirty kick to any bits that hadn’t frozen off on Hoth.

Now that I think about it, why on earth would he even lament at all?!  He fully planned and expected the cessation of any relations, seeing that he was set to kill her.  Unless he’s into really gross things, it was a foregone conclusion that funsexytimes were not happening in the future.

Finally, in typical too-little-too-late fashion he starts coming on to Njessie, and she’s, predictably, choosing the options of “fuck you and the spaceship you rode in on.”  I was pleasantly surprised that there was an option for “oh, you rejected me before and NOW you come around?”  You’d think he’d get the hint after she turned him down flat, but in the very next conversation it was:

“I’m going to kiss you, my lord.”

Wait, WHAT?  Two of the options were “yeah let’s do that” but thankfully there was a third option for “fuck you and the spaceship you rode in on.”  SAVED!  Hopefully that derails him from his current path of completely inappropriate and absurd expectations of forgiveness (which ain’t gonna happen, ever).  In some companion romances, there isn’t even the option to break up midway through, so I suppose I should be grateful that I’m still getting any “fuck you” conversation options at all.

  1. Between you and me, I don’t think Satele Shan herself would have been able to forgive that asshat.


Parallel Paths: Companion Conversations And Class Story — 2 Comments

  1. You know, this makes me very happy that my Sith warrior (a baby still) is male. Mainly because I want to go all kinky dark side with Jaesa for some reason (it suits the character)… and because the female Sith warrior romance option struck me as extremely unsatisfactory.

    My Jedi Consular (still pre-teen really as far as leveling goes) is also male and I will probably wait until Makeb to get him anything. None of the romantic options thrilled me on that score, to be honest.

    I do think it’s kind of funny that after betrayal and some major Force choking THAT’S when Quinn decides he’s super warm for your Sith form. Maybe he’s kinkier than I thought.

    • I’m pretty sure the male sith warrior has some bsock opportunities outside the ship (besides Vette AND Jaesa) while the female has NONE. So unfair. Of course, that seems to be a trend with BW: that the male toons have way more opportunities for flings.