Njessi’s Closet

This is a boring list of what my toons are wearing.  Taking pictures is a pain in the butt, by the way.  I’m not about to find wardrobes of xmas past.

The goal for most of my characters is to make them look like their own class.  I don’t want my bounty hunter to look like a smuggler.

Njessi – Sentinel

I think that bulky robes are a little ridiculous for a sentinel when your job is to JUMP around smacking the shit out of things.



  • Jolee Bindo chest & bracers (cartel)
  • Space Pants (space vendor) - color matched. Best. Pants. Ever.
  • Drelliad Boots (armormech) - color matched
  • Sentinel Exalted hat (legacy vendor) - color matched
  • Relaxed uniform belt (cartel) – color matched
  • Invisible Gloves (cartel)

Nymia – Sage

Yeah, she’s evil, so the white outfit is awesome.  I like the hood on this one because it isn’t completely face-covery.  However, the miniskirt did NOT work for this character.  She has scrawny little chicken legs.



  • Handmaiden shirt, bracers (cartel)
  • Genteel skirt (cartel) - color matched.  This skirt color matches perfectly to everything and is a good all-purpose item for every closet.
  • Jedi initiate gloves and boots (synth) - color matched. Simple, go with any outfit, and color match nicely.
  • Troublemaker Belt (cartel) – color matched.  It was hard to find a belt that matched WHITE enough.

Zaylah – Gunslinger

While I find the classic spymaster pants a little ridiculous looking, the details really work when it’s not stark black-on-white.  I opted for something that is NOT a long jacket since the guns tend to clip.




  • Classic Despot chest & bracers
  • Classic Spymaster gloves, boots, pants, belt - color matched
  • Gunslinger hat (armormech)

Issen – Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters should wear heavy looking armor!  Having said that, some of the backpacks and vents are a little ridiculous.



  • Red Blade chest, boots, gloves, belt, pants (cartel)
  • Hawt Red Scanner (cartel)

Halleli – Scoundrel

This character is basically retired but I couldn’t have her looking like a HOBO.  I tried to Carth Onasi jacket (which looks very smuggly) but it just doesn’t work with boobs, and I was unwilling to downsize to body type 1.


  • Drelliad Jacket, gloves, boots (armormech)
  • Spider leggings (quest reward, Taris) – NOT color matched.  Drelliad jacket colormatches like crap.
  • Bastila Shan bracers (cartel) – Not color matched
  • Relaxed jumpsuit belt (cartel) – Not color matched

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    Njessi’s Closet — 2 Comments

    1. Interesting… would you be interested in seeing other people’s fashions?

      And has your smuggler lost weight? I thought I remembered her being a size 4.

      • I downsized my smuggler to body 2 to go with the Carth Onasi shirt, and it STILL looked ridiculous. I’m going to put her back at body type 4 because I don’t LIKE how she looks now, but I’m feeling stingy with the cartel coins.