Malavai Quinn keeps sinking lower in my estimation.  He never shuts the hell up, thinks he runs my ship, and totally does NOT remind me of my husband as he keeps being an anal-retentive twit.  The honeymoon’s over, if it ever started, which it didn’t, because he’s apparently scared shitless of girl-cooties or something.

Enter Pierce.  Rawr!  This guy oozes testosterone – not in a sleazy Doc way, but more in a “yeah I bit the head off that snake, what of it?” way.  You know, the kind of guy you could set loose in the forest with a Q-tip as his only weapon, and he’d kill all the things (then clean his ears).

Suddenly, Malavai Quinn realizes that he might lose his shot now that he’s not the only weiner on the ship.  You snooze, you lose, buddy.

Quinn, we're a little busy right now. (AWKWARD!)

Quinn, we’re a little busy right now. (AWKWARD!)

He starts giving the “-1 of shame” when Njessie says anything nice to Pierce, and then starts bossing Pierce around the ship.  I can only imagine the lectures that poor Pierce is getting about “why one must squeegie the shower immediately after use to prevent soap scum” or “the proper folding of socks.”

Boys, boys… don’t fight over me (I halfheartedly protest, as I grab some popcorn and watch the show).

Malavai Quinn’s newfound initiative lasts about the 5 parsecs it takes to get to the Hoth orbital station, at which point, unsurprisingly given his reaction to the heat of Tatooine,  he cowers and yammers about the cold before we even exit the ship.1

The shivering animation does not improve my opinion of him.

The shivering animation does not improve my opinion of him.

Dear Quinn, you are losing affection with ME right and left. -40 of Shame.

Meanwhile, Pierce is ready to go.  He practically begs to be taken down to the planet.  That’s the spirit!

And I didn't even give him a Qtip...

And I didn’t even give him a Qtip…

Of course, I prefer to level with a healer at my back, so I take Quinn anyway.  In RP-terms, I like to think I’m dragging Quinn across snowdrifts just to punish him for the incessant whining.  My inner sith takes sick satisfaction in the fact that his bits might freeze off.

  1. Looking back, it appears that my other not-so-favorite companion Tharan had the same reaction to Hoth.

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