Guys, you know what I’m going to say.  2.1 is dropping probably on Tuesday – and it’s going to be fucking amazing.

1. Character recustomization.  OK, I know that some of y’all are peeved about cartel coins, and some are happy but let me do another WoW comparison, k?

While it’s true that small changes in WoW cost in-game credits, all the larger changes (including skin color, facial features, all the way up to species) cost cold hard cash.  No stipend, nothing.  Pay it, in addition to not-at-all-optional subscription.  As someone who did 2 race changes, this is a big deal.

Now, I’m pleased as punch that these species changes will be in cartel coins, which means I can use my stipend for part or all of them, and likely spend zero real cash on them if I don’t blow all my cartel coins on fashion first.  However, I will be miffed if the piddly little hair changes are too pricey, and it will make me just change hairdos less often.  Kind of like how I don’t change my outfit nearly as much as I’d like because of the cost of mod stripping and augmenting.

2. Dye.  Yes, match to chest doesn’t cut it!  You see, as we’ve discovered, some items color match like crap.  Either the chest turns everything funky-bad, or the item in question just won’t behave with color matching.  Dye will solve the hell out of that.

3. Collections.  This is very cool.  Two words: space pants.  I love those pants (using them for my current outfit, again) but I’ll be damned if I’m EVER running space missions again, ever, for any reason, ever. Yuck.  So if I really want them on another toon, I’ll buy the account-wide access and cackle whilst not avoiding gross asteroids.


It Is Predictably Easy To Make Me Happy — 3 Comments

  1. I’m ridiculously excited about this update. I want to fiddle with my mah doodz. I like fiddlin’ with mah doodz. Fiddlin’ makes ol’ Targy happy.