Before 2.0, I could make bracers and belts, cheaply, to RE for parts for the top level (MK-6) augment kits.  It was resource intensive, but not that bad.

Now for synthweaving and armormech, it’s total bullshit to get components for the new highest level (MK-9) kits.

The cheapest you can get away with for armormech is 10 units of compound, 8 units of metal AND then 4 of the crafting material you can buy at the fleet vendor.  = 22 units of scavenging mats for each MK-9 component.

Similarly for synthweaving except there are no craftable gloves, so we’re up to 8 Crystal, 10 fragments, and 6 crafting materials. = 24 units of archaeology mats for each MK-9 component.

Other cheater crafters have it much easier.

Cybertech = earpieces.  It’s 6 metal, 8 compound, and 4 crafting material = 18 units total, as opposed to 22 for armormech.  Not great, but better.

Armstech = weapons.  It’s 6 metal, 4 compound, and 2 crafting materials!  That’s 12 units total and completely unfair!  They can also craft the actual kits themselves.

Biostuff = Implants.  2+2+4 biostuff + 1 crafting mat = 9 total! But I’m not sure if biostuff costs the same per unit to gather as scavenging/archaeology. Also one implant crafting mat may be pricier than units of other generic crafting mats.

It seems a foregone conclusion that one should RE implants, providing that biostuff and the associated crafting mat item isn’t significantly pricier per unit than gathering archaeology or scavenging.  Otherwise, weapons seems like the next best option.  Never ever RE synthweaving, armormech, or cybertech for components.  Ew.

This post would not be possible without Mr. Robot, because they updated their database for 2.0.


MK-9 Components are Expensive — 7 Comments

  1. This is really just a reversal of the previous setup where Armormech and Synthweaving reigned supreme. I am with you that it should have been even at the beginning and should stay that way now, but it is probably fair to have Armstech be ahead for once.

  2. Artificers can get components at 12 mats per piece as well.

    The annoying thing with the “Biostuff” right now is that 1 of the 2 compounds currently has no use in game (literally NONE, what a silly oversight…) and 1 of the 2 samples, while useful, is still a lot less so than the other one. Which means that while gathering mats you can waste away many hours and thousands of credits without actually getting any of the materials you need.