***Spoilers below about the Makeb romance story arc, Republic side.

***Thou hast been warned.

As you recall, thehusband and I were competing for the affections of Madame NPC and here is the scintillating summary of those interactions taking every possible [flirt] option.

Player: Hey baby! Ur cute. Or something.

NPC: I’m so not interested in you.  I just shot you down and blew you off. And then trampled on your feelings with stompy space-boots.

Player: No, really, I don’t think you heard me the first time! Let’s go on a date.

NPC: I’ll be washing my hair until the planet caves in. And then again afterward.

Player: Allow me to show off with dashing heroics!

NPC: Be still my beating heart (please, fall off a rock).

Player: Oh come on, one kiss?

NPC: Fine. You’ll probably croak anyway. Whatever. [Smooch, NO BSOCK!]

My husband is a hussy.

My husband is a hussy.

Player: See, I survived, you can’t get away from me! (stalk stalk)

NPC: I give up.  Here’s my phone number.  You better call me, asshole.

(End Scene)

Yeah um.  I hope Sithie is a better flirtee, because this one’s like a frozen fish.  How can you have “romance” if it’s just you coming on to an NPC, and the NPC being worn down by your persistent attempts?  Where’s the heat?  Sigh.


[Spoilers] The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth (on Makeb) — 1 Comment

  1. Love this blog. Had the luxury of finding it late and getting to go back and read it all at one time a few weeks back! (laughed my ass off)

    ***Spoiler alert*** yes the sithie is much more receptive and responsive to M/M flirtation albeit in a typical Imperial controlled fashion. And speaking of fashion, this puppy is all dolled up in a flashy gown and adorned with all sorts of subtle attractive jewelry with his slicked back metrosexual hair. (please refer optics to the new loading screen) The long awaited kiss is warm and touching, complete with genuine affection on both sides (as well as an emailed medical update later on) because when he’s kissed, he’s also been injured in the off screen battle. Very well done and subtle. Alas, no BSOCK because of the injury. (Apparently everyone is targeted on their left side in the realm of TOR lol)