So, instead of doing anything fun last night, I cross-checked with Dulfy’s crafting list and updated the Spreadsheet of Doooom with the new orange Synthweaving schematics.  There aren’t any new ones for Armormech (Edit: yes there are, see below).

When you change an “n” to a “y”, it will turn green.  The items that don’t exist are marked with “x”.  As we know, sometimes the boots and gloves are a different level than the rest of the set, so for each set, I used the level requirement that is the highest of all items in that set.

If you need to add just the new stuff to your existing spreadsheet, just use tab 3 and copy/paste the new ones in.  It may be tricking to import over the formatting though (the auto colors and whatnot).  Sorting can be done however you want.  I sort the way it appears in the crafting screen (so by type, then level.)

Happy Crafting!

***Edit: apparently there are new armormech schematics, probably added AFTER Dulfy posted.  I found one last night.  So I will be adding them to the chart the old-fashioned way: by finding them myself or searching the GTN to see what is available.  

I suspect they will follow the same pattern as the synthweaving ones.  For each armor class:

  • 1 set with boots, bracers, belt
  • 3 sets with head, chest, gloves, legs
    • 1 imp
    • 1 rep
    • 1 both

I’ll add them to the spreadsheet as soon as I get the complete listing.

***Edit2: Guys, this is very strange.  I can’t find any of the synth recipes on the GTN – meaning I don’t know what.  Well it means I’ve wasted my damn time putting together a list, that’s what it means.

As a practical matter the synthweaving recipes may not exist at all, and so far nobody has seen any armormech recipes, save for gloves, gloves, and more gloves.

Epic Fail.


New Synthweaving Spreadsheet For You — 7 Comments

  1. I got a new orange Armormech schematic last night, sorry I can’t remember what it is was called now (I’m @ work, boo). It had an armormech lvl req higher than 410 so I couldn’t learn it yet. It dropped from an Underworld trading mission. So more possibilities!

    • Oooh! Maybe they added them in after Dulfy posted (this was, after all, on the PTS.) I’ll add the new armormech stuff to the sheet… just as soon as I figure out what it is.

    • I found one of them last night too. It’s weird how the icon looks different than the rest of the schematic icons (gah, unless they changed those in 2.0. They changed some of my damn spell icons. NOT HAPPY.)