OK boys and girls, enough whining.  Let me share what I’m psyched about!

Character recustomization.  AAAAAA!!! Undignified squealing! I want this so bad you have no idea.  I just don’t even KNOW what I’d do first.  This is the biggest reason that I’m not currently blowing all my cartel coins on fashion.  I need to save them for hairdos!  And species changes! And um… more hairdos when I change my mind about the first hairdo change.

Hearing my toon’s voice again.  I sometimes do the Belsavis quests just to hear her talk to the holograms.  It’s kind of sad.

New Clothes.  Because there are always new clothes in an expansion, right?  Even if I can’t craft anything cool.  Grumble.

Twin Saber Throw.  So let me get this straight, I get to THROW both sabers and they mow down anything in their path?  What’s not to like!

Resize Buff/Debuff Frames. That makes me less scared of trying healing because, seriously, right now it’s hard to see whether there’s something to cleanse.

New Operation.  I am so there.  I live for ops.  PvP can go to hell.


Things I Am Psyched About — 5 Comments

  1. Judging by the recent frequency of posts and their topics, *somebody* seems impatient for shiny new things to arrive…

    This recustomization thing is definitely important; I seriously considered deleting a character I’ve already gotten to level 36 and spent 3million+ credits on just because she currently has a hairstyle that I’ve suddenly come to realize is not the best choice. Now it seems I won’t have to (hooray!), so long as I can find some patience somewhere…

    I wouldn’t say it’s “kind of sad” to want to hear your character’s voice sometimes; there’s definitely a lack of that at endgame. I’ve been known to run Esseles or Black Talon, solo, purely for either that purpose or to see how a new outfit works (cutscenes seem to provide a slightly different effect. maybe it’s just my imagination, but that doesn’t make them any less important!)
    Wait a minute… there’s also the possibility that we’re BOTH sad, sad people

    Also, you said “enough whining” but you still complained 😀

    • Well a post completely devoid of whining might cause the blogosphere to implode and we can’t have THAT.

  2. …..no….news…..on….character…..transfers……
    *sits in the corner and cries*

    • Yeah, I’m baffled why it is taking so damn long. Especially since people would shell out real money for it, easily, even if it were not available for cartel coins. It’s a money maker and a no-brainer.

  3. I started playing Makeb last night; one of the first things I noticed–which I HAD to share with you, because you were the one who brought it to my attention–was that they’ve brought back the Upper Hand/Tactical Advantage giggle!