I’m raiding the other night and I get a whisper from a blog reader:

“There are new schematics on the PTS!”

Apparently we are going to be able to go to 450 in all skills, and underworld trading missions at the higher levels will also drop schematics for orange fashion items.


I went from “yay” to “crap” in about 4 seconds.  Do you know how flipping hard it is to track down every flipping schematic?  Ugh. Facepalm time.

Now my post-2.0 plan goes something like this:

  • Get all tradeskills up to 450 (facepalm)
  • Run underworld trading missions and hope for schematics
  • Expand srs bzns spreadsheet for new items
  • Check GTN obsessively for schematics
  • Pay obscene amounts of money for schematics (first: find money somewhere)

I was so psyched when the aforementioned grind was over after I got the last missing schematic a few months ago. Now, back on the completionist treadmill.

(And if you want to actually have details and pictures of the new stuff, check out Dulfy.  I’m way too busy for the PTS!)


New Schematics? Not Sure If Want — 3 Comments

  1. The real question is…how many of them look like they’re worth wearing? They can’t all be SPAAAAAAAAAAACE PANTS or my badass Cloaked Vader Armor, most will probably turn out to be more Fruity & Pointy Wizard hats

  2. Not sure you’re going to want these either. The only one I’ve gotten (which I have not been trying hard) was for gloves. And while marked as Heavy Armor had a more Medium Armor look to me. Plus the new green & blue schematics in the Heavy Armor category on the PTS look more “cloth-like” than Armor IMO. Not been impressed w/ the new schematics from what I’ve seen. Which again admittedly is not much.