I don’t have any squees of delight or bombs of hate for this event.  It’s a fine, solid event.  My chief problem, as always, which is a ME thing and not a game-thing, is that I just don’t happen to have time to DO it during the next 2 weeks.  Which I’m sure shocks the hell out of you considering I also am not able to find time to blog either.

Otherwise, in typical form, you get lists.

The Good

  • The rewards.  Seriously, what’s not to like about the outfits and, best part, the legacy weapons so you can smuggle barrels and hilts to your alts.  Don’t look at me like that.  Everyone does it!
  • PvP isn’t crammed down your throat.  I wasn’t even tempted to go into the PvP area because it just wasn’t obscenely crowded in the PvE area for the PvE quests. I didn’t even take the PvP quests.
  • What’s not to like about world bosses?
  • The dude called me Red Rhombus!  So it’s at least somewhat personalized to your toon.
  • Apparently it’s coming back, so any work you do will carry over, even if you can’t earn enough rep/tokens this time around for all the stuff you want.

The Bad

  • It has the “feel” of persistent content since it resembles the routine dailies of Black Hole and Section X.  And dailies are boring.
  • Generally, two weeks is too short for all but the most dedicated grinders to get the most desirable equipment (the weapons).

Now, I want those weapons, but there’s no chance in hell of me getting them before time’s up.  Before you start crying into your cocoa puffs about my lack of free time – realize that if I did have the time, I probably still couldn’t bear to make myself do dailies and otherwise focus really hard during a condensed two-week period.

I could, however, gladly bring myself to pay cartel coins for bind on legacy weapons.  If anyone out there is taking notes.


On The Gree Event — 3 Comments

  1. The gear rewards are straight up sexy-hawt. Now, it may the natural Imperial Agent in me speaking (since they are Agent modeled gear) but GOD DAMN I want a set for my Sentinel! Or even the new Trooper I’m gonna roll just so I can wear sexy-hawt armor! People on The Ebon Hawk were all like, “LOLZ ITZ TRON ARMORZ LOLZ” … but I fail to see the problem with it. It’s. Awesome.

    And the sabers! With the square geometry light thingies! C’MON! TOO AWESOME!

    • Yeah, I’m digging those sabers–they need to bring the event back quick-like so I can get a couple more of them (I should get my first tonight when I run my Marauder through Xeno 2 SM for the second time.)