I was wandering about and saw this weird bare-leg outfit but I can’t decide whether it’s awful or awesome.  It has kind of a Xena feel, right?


If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been around much.  My work has dialed it up to 11 and it’s all I can do to attend weekly raids.  But I’m not quitting or any of that nonsense.


Do Not Know If Bad Fashion — 3 Comments

  1. /tilts head

    I can’t decide if it’s a bare-legged outfit or if she just doesn’t have pants on. But yeah, with a change to the top of her boots and few other minor adjustments, it wouldn’t be bad. I don’t think it would work for every race, but I could be wrong. I actually never took the pants off of my Zabrak to even see what her legs looked like. Her ass sure did look good in her pants though. Okay, I’ve gone too far. Signing off.

  2. Bad fashion? Please. Any couture aficionado knows an homage to this year’s Super Bowl half time show when they see one. Tut tut, Ms. Njessi. 😛

  3. Maybe she’s just trying … to get a leg up on things.

    Perhaps she has a … thigh-roid problem.

    But no, seriously, add a cowboy hat and she’s a space cowgirl.