So, I was all set to make fun of the whole… hubbub? scandal? QQ? about the so-called gay planet.

Rainbow Hutt is ready to party down with everyone equally.  (See, I can get a lot of use out of awesome art.)

Rainbow Hutt is ready to party down with everyone equally. (See, I can get a lot of use out of awesome art.)

This quest is super, thanks for asking!

This quest is super, thanks for asking!

Awesome, a new minipet in the Makeb cartel pack!

Awesome, a new minipet in the Makeb cartel pack!

I could do this all day!  Ahem, ok, let’s be rational now.

We Agree To Disagree

There are a lot of things people don’t agree on.  We’re not killiks.  That’s why it’s called “tolerance” and not “we-have-to-think-the-same-ance.”  Different opinions are always going to be there, the only question is how we behave towards others who hold those different opinions.

Back in WoW, I was pretty peeved off about Nazis in one zone, and some people were saying “yes, exactly!” while other people were scratching their heads and thinking I was way overreacting.  Most people who disagreed did so in an intelligent manner. One particularly uncouth person called me a pearl-clutching drama-whore.  Hint: that’s not tolerance.

Objectionable Content

There’s a lot of shit to object to, for a myriad of reasons.  In one quest, I have to decide whether to kill people quickly or kill them slowly via a sith’s sick experiments.  Wait, the light side option was to kill them?  The options were both “kill” and there was no “save.”  In some places there isn’t even a choice, other than to refuse the offending quest.

The argument that your particular religion finds something objectionable is not a trump card.  There is no objective standard by which we can say that a moral objection based on religion is more valid that a moral objection based on other reasons.  Everyone’s objections should be equally valid, regardless of whether they are based on religion, personal experience, or any number of other things.

Optional Content

Folks, you don’t have to TAKE the [flirt] option.  It’s like in real life: people will come on to you when you’re not interested in them, for whatever reason.  You say “no thanks” and move on.  NPC’s in the game do a bunch of things that you or your character don’t approve of.  They don’t keep a respectful distance and ask whether they can assault you, they just do.  And you get to decide how to respond.

Unlike being tossed into combat when you’d rather work out a peaceful solution, you aren’t tossed into a romance.  Unlike Space, romance isn’t on rails.1

Limited to One Planet

People are making too much of the fact that it’s only on one planet.  The reason is obvious: retroactive changes are much harder (and more expensive) than simply adding things going forward.  If you recall, many changes to the game have been made on a “going forward” basis only, such as set bonuses being tied to armoring. Yeah we’d like our old armor to have that feature, but too bad.  It’s a logistical, not philosophical, decision.  We would have more equality if they had more money, but as we know from ye olde cartel market, they do not.

In Conclusion

Let’s not freak the fuck out about something that is not fashion-related, k?  As Bill and Ted would say, we should be excellent to each other.

(Because some people get downright stupid and completely forget how to behave when discussing certain issues, I’ve turned on comment moderation so that I can nuke from orbit any comments that offend my oh-so-delicate sensibilities. If you’re not a raving nutjob, your comment will appear in a bit, just be patient.)

  1. Granted, there are some problems with some companions, for example Aric Jorgan, where once you go down the romance path you don’t have the option to break it off later.  Which kind of sucks, but at least you had the initial choice.


On The So-Called “Gay Planet” — 19 Comments

  1. You are entirely too reasonable. It’s an outrage.

    Other than that, I just wanted to say that your pictures made me laugh. Love the Rainbow Hutt!

  2. My favorite part of the concept that SGR is being quarantined to one “gay planet” is seems to be missed by the non-SWTOR players pushing this theory is that the one planet in question is the one and only new max level planet that everyone is going to have to go to shortly. I.e. it’s not just being added off to the side somewhere on Taris that no one ever goes to voluntarily, we’re all being sent packing to the planet of the gay. 🙂

  3. I really don’t get what’s wrong with people. How is the -option- for SGR in any way offending or even affecting you? What, only -you- get what you want out of the game?

    Bah. It’s just like in real life – their arguments make no sense to me, and I’m a devoted Christian. Religion is a personal choice and shouldn’t be forced on others. Especially when it comes to allowing them some choice in a freaking online game. Calm the fuck down, people, and listen to the nice lady with the sensible words.

  4. I’m just interested to see how tolerant our various companions are. I may have to take the flirt option, press Esc, then select a different companion, then do it all over again.

    • Going by previous Bioware games I think it’s unlikely that they’ll make any of your companions homophobic. They might just not like you flirting with people in general (which is already the case for some).

  5. THANK YOU. There are people on both sides of this “issue” making spurious arguments–on one side, people saying, “Star Wars is a family movie, think of the chilluns!”; on the other side, people saying, “They’re putting SGR behind a paywall! It’ll be a homosexual ghetto!”

    I mean, I want to romance Kaliyo as much as the next female IA, but I’m just happy that BW is moving in the right direction. Putting in SGR retroactively is hard and expensive–arguably, the only reason BW can do it now is because, now that the game is less profitable than expected, they’re maaaaybe a little bit less under the thumb of EA/Lucas?–and it’s ridiculous to refuse to acknowledge that this is better than nothing. Compromise is a good thing, kids.

    Anyway, my husband and I have been having a grand old time making fun of the “gay planet” jokes–calling it “space Fire Island!”, talking about how I’ll get more kicky neckerchiefs for my smuggler there, etc. I think one Reddit commentator had it right when s/he said “When someone asks me how the new expansion is, I’ll just say it’s FABULOUS!!!”

    And when the Reddit presents a sane point of view, something is wrong.

    Also I think you should know my smuggler is now wearing the Covert Torso Armor and the Columi cowboy hat. He is ready for space Fire Island!

  6. Cat Baur is the one you pick to highlight the problems with existing companion romances? Not Corso, Mister “I’ve been rejected 5 times now, but like any good stalker I’m just going to keep trying (and mailing unwanted ‘gifts’.)”? Seriously, if I could take out an order of protection on one of my own crew, Corso’d be it. (The fact that he tried 4 more times after I told him I’d rather BSOCK Bowdaar should be pretty much all I need to say, right?)

    • Corso says “I’m your man, any way you want me.” I’m thinking “out the airlock would be nice, thanks.”

    • You’d change your mind on that one if you got to romance HK.

      Query: Would you like to accompany me to a fancy restaurant for maximum deletion of organic fuel?

  7. When one of those thousand-pound space slugs is hitting on you, how do you tell what sex it is anyway? 🙂

    • How hutts reproduce is something that I’m content to let remain a mystery. I’m all for the hutt-stork.

  8. What does pearl clutching in pearl clutching drama whore represent? Is it like pearl necklace?