I feel so happy I want to hug someone (specifically, someone at Bioware).  Remember how I was super-pissed that the things I was wearing were inexplicably changed?  Of course you do!  Well, the devs are fixing it in the best way possible.

TL;DR – If you own the item in question that has changed, it will stay changed, but they are going to mail you that item with the “old” look, so you can have both.

This is probably old news to you guys.  I’m terrible at dev tracker stuff.  Pretend to be surprised.  Kthx.

I need to start shopping again for a phantom chest (I sold the not-yet-bound one that I had in disgust once it grew a hood).  And figure out where to put my new “classic” items.  WTB moar bank space (I’m already at 5 tabs).


The Best of Both Worlds: Fashion Disaster Resolved — 6 Comments

  1. Was news to me, it’s only been on the dev tracker for a few hours and I hadn’t seen it yet. Happy to see they taken the most sensible and straightforward option.

    • Sensible? To be honest, I was shocked (in a good way) because I didn’t think that it was technologically possible to do what they are doing. It never occurred to me that they would be able to give people both without people buying/obtaining additional items.

      • No one ever said sensible was common. But from the point of view of making their customers _happy_ this is the sensible move.

  2. As long as they use a common database and have smart back-up policies, doing this for any art asset is possible. They just rip the Item out of the Backup – rename it – insert it into live – then do the hard work of actually adjusting their hooks to account for it in the various instances of the game<<—- that part there is why we hardly ever see it happen in games. No one wants to repeat work.

    At least that's how i understand it. With that said, I applaud Bioware for doing it this way, it is truly a resolution with the fans in mind.

  3. I’m actually pleasantly surprised by this outcome; looks like they took a long glance at it and said, “Hey. Let’s do the right thing for everyone involved.” Bravo, Bioware!