I Stepped Down As GM

I don’t usually talk about guild stuff OR srs bzns here, but you’re getting both today.  Lucky you.

For various reasons, I recently stepped down as GM.

The first reason was real life pressures. I am going to have considerably less time in the upcoming months, and just can’t be there to do all the things.

But the second reason, and the most important reason, is that I ran out of the will to care or, to put it bluntly, stopped giving a fuck.  Let me explain:

As a GM, I had plenty of help.  I had all the important tasks pretty much farmed out, so I wasn’t exhausted from running the guild on my own.  Some GM’s do that and that’s a recipe for burnout, very very fast.

Still, when you’re GM, random stuff comes up and it falls to you to deal with or guildies bring stuff to your attention.  Unlike in most guilds, the Snarkers don’t bug the GM with stupid shit, because they’re not whiners.  The STUFF that was coming in to me recently, from guildies or otherwise, hadn’t changed, but it hit me that my reaction had changed.  Rather than wanting to put on my fixing pants and get shit done (which could include delegating the crap out of the task), like I would have done a few months ago, I was thinking to myself… “Ugh do I HAVE to?”

It’s not you, it’s me.  For realsies. Thinking something along the lines of “shut up” or “go away” or “do not care” is a completely inappropriate reaction for a GM and a big fucking clue that you need to not be doing this GM job.

Upon this realization, I posted then and there that I needed to hand the keys over to someone else pronto because I was out of energy to care, and that was bad.  And then I set a deadline.  The logic behind the deadline is that we’re a democratic guild and we don’t actually have a procedure for picking a new GM, so the process could last until the end of time while we discuss how to do it, and even longer to actually implement the process and choose someone.  The threat behind the deadline, I said, was that if nobody was chosen by January 1, I was going to hand over the GM-ship to the first guildie I saw online, and run cackling into the night.  Yes, I said “cackling into the night.”

Well it worked.  Someone stepped up, nobody objected, and that was that.  I am pretty relieved.  Snark lives on.  And if/when the new GM runs out of the ability to care, I might have regained mine by then.

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    I Stepped Down As GM — 3 Comments

    1. It’s best that you realized it first rather than it being pointed out, because that woulda been awkward. But still, it’s good to step away from the GMin’ thang for a while. I know I enjoyed the game a lot more once I wasn’t “the boss.”

    2. Congrats on a smooth handover :) I’ve been in your shoes, but wound up stuck there because of a situation that made it difficult to hand the reins over to anyone else. I am really enjoying not leading things on a day-to-day basis for a while (though I’m still the leader of the overall guild, I don’t have responsibility for any single game’s guild branch any more and I’m loving that).

      Thinking something along the lines of “shut up” or “go away” or “do not care” is a completely inappropriate reaction for a GM and a big fucking clue that you need to not be doing this GM job.

      I’d disagree with this, though. Maybe you were lucky in The Snark Side – if so, I’m glad for you! – but there are times when it’s an appropriate reaction. There are some people one has to deal with who bring you 90% of the whining and drama, and no matter what you do they won’t be satisfied. With those people, since no amount of sincere GM attention will fix their issues, “go away” is an entirely fair thought to have, IMO; one just has to be diplomatic enough not to say it. :)

      • Yeah, I think having the “go away” thoughts are ok in moderation, but not appropriate as a response to ANY issue that happens to come my way. As you saw, I was talking very specifically about my own situation and the “you” and “I” pronouns got a little muddled.

        Also, honestly, I don’t know if I could be a member of a guild that had people who irritated the crap out of me (again) – let alone be the GM. I have been in a guild where personalities don’t click and you THINK you can just IGNORE the people you don’t like, but it’s harder than it sounds.