Yes, I know, I’m borrowing from Passover 4 questions, and that’s in March.  Shut up.

On other holidays we participate in activities. On this one, we um… don’t.  If there’s no in-game event, is it an event? Or a “celebration?”  We can shoot off our fireworks and that’s about it.  Whoop.  I hate to invoke WOW, but where’s my Metzen the fuzzy reindeer – I mean SPACE reindeer?

On other holidays we get presents. On this one we buy presents for ourselves.  Having an option to spend more money on things (cartel coins or credits on the GTN) for ourselves isn’t getting presents.  It’s the difference between holidays-as-a-kid and holidays-as-a-parent and, honestly, I have just about enough of that in real life.

On other holidays we might get content that helps us earn items.  On this one, we buy or grind ourselves items in order to access the content.  Ignoring the whole pay-to-play issue which is being resolved, this is a classic example of the persistent “mobius strip of fail” issue of needing the gear that is dropped in a given raid in order to get in the front door of that very raid.  Rather than doing the new space missions to obtain level 7 gear, you want to have level 7 gear just before you access those missions.  (Darth hater says you can technically do it in level 6 upgrades, but I’m sure that’s only if you have the reflexes of a coked-out ferret.)

There are supposed to be 4 questions so here’s the 4th: REALLY?!  Underwhelmed here.  This “holiday” doesn’t mean much to me if I’m not spending cartel coins or a ton of credits, and I’m probably not.


Why Is This Life Day Holiday Different Than Other Holidays? — 5 Comments

  1. It feels like they took the items that would ordinarily have been on the holiday event reward vendor, skipped implementing the event, and just added them to the cash shop instead. That’s within their rights as a nominally subscription-optional game, but it’s certainly not the message I would have wanted to send to my loyal customers about what to expect going forward in the first post-F2P patch.

    That said, I’ve been a bit surprised at how low prices are for even the most expensive cartel items on the GTN. I earned 6 million credits last month through slicing (selling the mission unlocks) and daily quests*. I’m not aware of any item that I couldn’t purchase for that price – only a few that go for multi-millions period. There are stories of people spending hundreds of really world dollars on cartel coins, and I would have expected the items they were chasing to command in-game currency prices that far exceed a few days’ worth of daily quest rewards.

    *- Not an excessive amount of daily quests, mind you, I earned approximately 480 daily comms (I know this because I started with zero, purchased one relic for 300, one earpiece for 120, one barrel for 8, and around 50 left over) during that time, which is fewer daily quests than it sounds like because some of those came from flashpoints and some dailies/weeklies award multiple comms. Dulfy reports that you can theoretically pull down more than that many comms every single week.

    • While it is very possible to, in the regular order of business, grind a crapload of credits and buy all the stuff you want out of the holiday THING, it’s FAR MORE FUN to be doing the fresh minigames associated with an event to get event items than the same old shit you do every day.

  2. Honestly, I’m kind of glad they’re not going all out with holiday nonsense… I feel wearied by the real-world-holidays-disguised that every other MMO piles on us; they feel fake and cheesy. Why do all these fantasy worlds have identical celebrations to ours at identical times?

    So honestly, I find it a breath of fresh air that SWTOR isn’t trying to do Space Christmas. 🙂

    • I’m OK with space christmas! Usually I’m like “blech, holiday themed, blech.” But at the same time, I want an *event* and I don’t really give a crap what it’s tied to. The last 2 events were so FLIPPIN COOL. People LOVED them. So right now I’m OK with space-christmas because I’d be OK with space-anything as long as there were an event. Space-beerfest would be nice.

  3. I don’t know, I feel kind of ambivalent about this. On the one hand I agree that it’s kind of lame that this event is entirely restricted to the cash shop. It’s not that I wanted another event token grind really, but the least they could have done is put up some seasonal NPCs or decorations somewhere I guess.

    On the other hand… I agree with Siha. It’s Space Christmas. The less I have to think about it, the better.