I finally decided on an outfit that I love and will probably wear for a good while. It also doesn’t seem to be something I see on the fleet (at all) so I’m unique-ish.

For those who are keeping track at home:

Remember, folks, most of these pieces are republic-side stuff/appearance. You imps are on your own.


Njessi’s New Outfit (Includes Space Pants) — 4 Comments

  1. I like it, it’s a very post ROTJ Legacy of the Force era combat suit appearance. Reminds me of Jaina Solo’s Comabt FLightsuit appearance:

  2. In best Borat voice: “Very nice.”

    I saw a vanguard in Section X last night dressed like an Inquisitor. It was awesome. My dps set now resembles a smuggler (think of a slightly off-color version of Luke’s atire during the medal ceremony post Death Star explosion).. My tank set now looks like a jedi tank’s armor should. The addition of adaptive gear to the Cartel Market plus the selling of Campaign Armorings for BH Comms has done great things for customization, which we all love.