If you’re like me, you’re always… well not doing so awesome on cash because crafting eats it all.  Never fear!  I have some tips.

Crafting supplies – don’t buy them at the vendor on the fleet!  Sure, you CAN, but it’s much cheaper to send your idiots out for them.  Problem is that those missions are not always available, so you have to make sure to grab them when you can.  A little planning ahead will save you money on fluxes and filaments down the line.

In fact, never buy materials.  Materials are rarely for sale on the GTN, I’ve found, and when they are, they are grossly overpriced.  Be patient and just farm them up yourself using your minions.  If you keep your minions constantly busy in the background while you do other things, this should never be a problem, and you’ll always have a healthy stockpile in the bank.

Physical farming runs may not save money.  So, you think, why pay to send out the minions when you can trot out to Belsavis and farm up the stuff yourself on your speeder?  Because time is money, friends.  That time would be more profitably spent doing dailies, which will more than pay for the minion trips.

Keep your minions busy.  Always.  An idle minion is not earning his keep.  If you farm up extra materials, you can always sell them.  Or you can send your minions for companion gifts for easy cash, which leads me to…

Companion gifts always sell.  If you are in a rut, you can always farm up some companion gifts and sell them for a quick buck.  This can be in conjunction with bribing your minions (as detailed below).  Farm the gifts, use the ones the minions like as bribes, sell the rest.

Bribing your companions is an investment in your future.  Sure, it’s expensive now, but when they’re critting left and right, you’ll be happy you did.  And I’m not talking about critting augment slots.  I’m talking about critting gathering missions or crafting extra stims, augments, or mods.  If I send out my minions slicing, the ONLY useful thing they bring me is a purple augment part when they crit.  If I queue up 5 augments and I get 8 (this happened), I have just saved a shitload in extremely expensive mats.  So my lifeblood is crit, pump it up as much as possible!

Get a crafting sensor unit for your ship droid, which is also an investment in your future.  Crits are crits.  You don’t have to buy the droid that sells the sensor for a million credits – just hitch a ride with someone who does and pay 100k for each unit that you want.  You can mail them to you alts because they are bind on legacy, so it just takes one stowaway voyage.

How do you keep your expenses manageable as a crafter?


The Savvy Crafter’s Guide To Saving Money — 4 Comments

  1. Are you still making decent money selling those oranges on the GTN? I’m making about half of what I was before the merge. Before the merge I could sell LVL 11 Orange Bracers for 25-30k. Now I’m lucky if they sell at 15k. I miss Canderous Ordo 🙁

    • No. Shit. My sales have gone WAY down since the merger. The ONLY good thing to come of it, crafting-wise, is that I’m almost done with schematics. Only missing 5 synthweaving and 2 armormech.

      • Good for you. I’ve not been searching as much anymore. Though I did restart my Synthweaver character. Played him pretty hard for 3 or 4 days and got him back up to lvl 26 already. Synthweaving is only at 200 so far though.

    • Implants are no better :/
      I really dont understand whats in these guys mind when they sell a purple level 41 Implant for Sentinels 10K. And they dont sell only 1-2, but like 5-6 at once… Im going crazy. You make more profit by killing trash mobs than this.

      The only good thing about the whole story is that the implants have so many different models per level that I will get to sell some with better prices.