A few days ago I’m talking about our planned weekend of raiding and 1.4 dropping… (excerpted from my illustrious chat log…)

I’m sure they will launch 1.4 at a time that is the most inconvenient for us

like thursday and break all the stuff for our friday raid

Welp, that happened, although at least it deployed on Wednesday and not Thursday, but things did break.  The GTN totally broke.  A lot of people probably don’t care about that, but remember, I am seriously stalking those last few recipes.

Also, the hat toggle for companions is not yet fully functional… Both the self-toggle and the companion toggle have the problem where the hat sometimes shows even when the box is checked.  To turn the hat off again, you have to uncheck the box and then recheck it.   The companion hat toggle works right until you go into a cut scene.  When you get out of the cut scene, the companion is once again showing hat.  I like the idea of the hat option for companions a lot, but it’s frustrating that it requires constant “babysitting” right now.

I also said in that same IM conversation

or it might be buggy RIGHT after the patch and need the subsequent fix-it-patch that they always do the next day

The servers are down today?  Unscheduled maintenance?  SHOCK.

These patch bugs aren’t a big deal.  They usually get fixed in a reasonable timeframe and bugs don’t enrage me like they do some of my guildies.  However, the knowledge that something will likely break, and it may not be something related to the patch, and it may be something really annoying – that really saps the carefree, unbridled excitement of rushing online to experience new content.

Also, moods make my toon look like a perv or an ax murderer or a pervy ax murderer.

This weekend, we’re going to try Terror From Beyond. I haven’t studied a new encounter in a while.  I’ve studied hard modes of known encounters, but it’s been MONTHS since I’ve had to study a whole new thing.  I’m a bit nervous that there will be bugs – in fact, given the track record of the last few patches, I expect bugs.

Wish me luck!


I Should Probably Say Something About Patch 1.4 Today — 6 Comments

    • SERIOUSLY? I really really REALLY hated that bug and it makes me growly. It’s a good thing I have an accurate spreadsheet….

      • yeah – I found this out the hardway last night. Saw that the schematic I picked up for by Cybertech of the Purple Hotrigged speeder Bike was once again lit. Which honestly happens from time to time anyway. I usually click them to be sure I’ve learned it. I got the usual message you already know this – but then the item was gone. WTH – thought about submitting a bug report to get it back but then thought nah it usually only sells for a couple of K’s anyway.

  1. You don’t have enough o’s in your Terroooooor Froooooom Beyoooooooond! *sticks hand up like a scary 1950s TV host and lets the lights dim slowly*

    • What’s scary about it, as I understand it, is that there are noooooo coooooommms. Can I brandish a scary-looking black-and-white 1950’s ax?