I’m seriously terrible at remembering any anniversaries, let alone my own.  Really.  I’ve been married for 6 years and have remembered… twice.  I’m sure I was good at remembering until I took an arrow to the knee.

Fortunately, wordpress has my back.  I can pre-schedule a post telling you guys that it is, in fact, my blogiversary.  I have been spouting drivel about SWTOR right here for a year.  It is my 148th post.  That is not a round number.  It is a large number.  LOTS of drivel.

Thank you for reading.  It still blows my mind that people read my stuff, but I have looked at the stats and they mostly don’t lie.

Thank you for commenting.  I know there are far more lurkers than commenters, but I have a special place in my heart for the commenters because it makes me feel like people want to start a conversation.  Conversations are good!

Thank you for catching up with me on Twitter.  Hey, I’m not there much, but if you want to have a conversation THERE, I’m game.

Thank you for… holy crap, seeing me in GAME?  Ok, that kind of boggles my mind that people recognize the name and are like “I read your blog!”  I’m going SQUEE in a most undignified manner.

Thank you for being awesome bloggers in the SWTOR blogosphere.  It seems like bloggers go out of their way to encourage and support each other and don’t get all argue-y.

As much as I like to bitch and whine (and I do love bitching and whining) here’s hoping that I’m still here to celebrate my 2nd blogiversary.  If that does occur, I expect beer.


A Wild Blogiversary Has Appeared — 14 Comments

  1. Congratulations! I can’t believe you started blogging three months before the game was actually released. Keep up the good work in the name of fashion. 🙂

    • That was kinda early. Last September was when I decided to preorder, I figured I’d reserve the blog name, and it kinda snowballed from there. Fortunately, I got into beta, or I wouldn’t have had anything to write about!

    • Thanks! I’m glad that I could end the week on a positive note after 2 posts of ripping Bioware a new one. I really do love the game and I’m not going anywhere unless things become INTOLERABLE.

  2. Happy blogiversary! That’s a handy feature there, letting you know when that date comes along! I always forget things like that too. Never been married, but I imagine that wouldn’t change anything.

    I also hope you continue to be around for a 2 year blogiversary! 😀

    • Maybe I should change my name to a symbol like the artist formerly known as prince who is once again known as prince.

  3. Congrats!! Was so happy when I found your Blog way back when. Was one of the few SWTOR sites not blocked at work! ;p Now it’s a staple of my SWTOR news rotation. Keep up the great work!! Thanks for all you do!!

      • I use the term “news” liberally. To mean information from the game or related to the game. I think I may be addicted to the game. When I can’t be in the game I grave anything from the game. It may be time to step away from the computer…

        Ok did that – I’m back. I’m feeling much better now. 😉