Last night, in about 10 minutes hanging around the GTN stalking recipes, I saw the following…

First, I’m not the only idiot to put Akaavi in a bikini:

I’m going to pretend I started a trend.  Then not 2 minutes later, I see Kira in this monstrosity:

I know we’ve seen THAT outfit before.

But just as I thought things couldn’t get worse, it’s the return – nay, the REVENGE – of the leaf butt:

Folks, the only thing that could look dumber than the leaf butt with a bikini are those damn elbow pads that must be stuck to her skin with adhesive.

I really need a GTN on my ship so that I won’t be traumatized any further by fleet fashion.


[Screenshots] Bikini Blunders — 4 Comments

  1. oh wow. It just keeps getting crazier XD haha. I thought the weird outfit in the second picture was silly until I saw leaf butt with bikini. That is just weird.!

  2. Have you seen the knee-high boots w/ bikini bottom and Jedi Knight Halter top? Classic!!

    Yeah I saw these too since I was just opposite the GTN from you for a short time last night. I wondered if you were paying attention. I didn’t see that Kira but did see that outfit on a player the other day.

    • I should wear the Hoth fur outfit social gear (I forget what it’s called) and substitute bikini bottoms for the pants. Is there a draft in here?