Oh hey, communication.  Where?  A wild dev has appeared.

So the mini patch Wednesday, I’m pretty flippin pleased about this little tidbit:

Group Finder now retains a character’s role selections when joining or leaving a group.

YES.  This THING (was it a bug?) was really annoying when you got into an instance and discovered that the person assigned as a “healer” didn’t heal and the person assigned as a “tank” didn’t do that either.  Not their fault that the instance finder kept checking the unchecked box.

And with server mergers – I mean “optional transfers” – to the new mega servers sporting a good 300+ people on the fleet during prime time, I sort of expected this one:

Legacy names are no longer unique. New Legacies that are created are now able to use a name that is already in use on the server. All players will be able to rename their Legacies once, at no cost, in a future update.

Now some people are annoyed about this because something something DAY 1 something something worked hard blah blah unique special snowflake.  To those people I say… SHUT UP.  It’s all well and good to get on your high horse about early access, power leveling, and picking your name early… if you weren’t forced to change your name in the merger – I mean “optional transfer.”  A name that might have already been taken on your new destination server, and reserved until the end of time, by someone no longer even playing.

As for renaming, I have to figure out whether I want to change the Pretentious Legacy to the Hawtpants Legacy.  You guys have an opinion on that?

Finally, there’s the dev blog from this week containing this little gem for Patch 1.4:

Mercenaries and Commandos now have a 30-meter interrupt, Disabling Shot. This ability interrupts the target’s current action and prevents that ability from being used for the next 4 seconds. This ability can be trained at level 18.

About flippin time!  Seriously, I have a baby merc, now level 33, and there is nothing more annoying than watching a baddie channeling a big spray of bullets at my face and being unable to do anything about it except pop a shield (if available) and apologize to Mako. Yeah, there are other things that CAN interrupt, I know, but the electric stun thingy has a long cooldown and you have to be in melee range to use the knockbacks.  And some things that incapacitate an enemy don’t work on strong mobs, you know, the ones that you actually would worry about kicking your ass if not interrupted… but I digress.

Also, when rostering a raid or doing a group finder, you don’t have to worry about “how do we interrupt all the things if we have 2 commando dps?”  Not that it’s a problem in our sage-heavy guild, but there are other guilds out there, I’m sure, that have this issue.

All in all, these are the things that stick out for me and will improve my quality of life because, of course, it’s all about me.  Anything else awesome that I missed?


Patch Notes and Other Upcoming Stuff — 4 Comments

  1. I see the benefits of legacy names no longer being unique, but I have to admit it also makes me a little sad because seeing an unknown character with a familiar legacy name won’t necessarily result in finding my friends’ alts anymore.

    • True. I’m thinking that people with unimaginative surnames will be mixed up with each other. However, for MANY people, their surname is probably shared by 1, maybe 2, people… presuming they are even still playing. Although, for example “hawtpants” was taken as a legacy name, I have yet to see anyone on the fleet with that name.