When 1.3 hit, I vowed to gather all the recipes.  Or at least to try.

I made a spreadsheet.

I searched the GTN every day.

I did generally stupid things in pursuit of those elusive recipes.

And now, check out how my spreadsheets look now, after all that hard work.  Green is recipes I have, red is a missing recipe, and gray means it doesn’t exist.

Synthweaving List

Armormech List

Don’t pretend you’re not impressed.


Crafting Insanity: The Things I Do For Fashion — 11 Comments

    • I didn’t say I was *done* collecting. But the last few are taking a while. I was a lot more concerned before I realized that many of the boots, gloves etc don’t even MATCH the existing sets… so you should just pick a style you like and use color match.

        • When I have extra mats, nobody will BUY them off the GTN (at reasonable prices). But when I want to buy something, it is either unavailable or extremely pricey. It’s a conspiracy.

  1. I’m happy delighted ecstatic to see that someone else does this. Not sure my spreadsheets were as complete as yours though.