(Ok for purposes of this article, guys, we’re ignoring gloves and belt, just look at hat, chest, pants, BOOTS)

La la la, I’m collecting recipes… oh hey, Commando Elite Boots… let’s just try that on with the rest of the commando elite set…

Commando Elite set (lvl 43) including boots (lvl 39).

No… That most definitely does not match.

Looking at the boots more carefully, they appeared to be level 39 while the rest of the commando elite set was level 43.  The next orange set “down” is the Lacqerous Mesh set, which is level 39.

I tried on the Commando Elite boots with the Lacquerous Mesh set and…

Lacqerous Mesh set (lvl 39) with Commando Elite Boots (lvl 39).

Ok, those are CLEARLY supposed to go together.

Apparently, all boots are lower level than the set they are supposed to go with.  And sometimes the boots DO go with the set for which they are named.  And sometimes they go with the set that corresponds to the level of the boots, which, while buggy, makes some sense.

But then I get the outcast boots.

Outcast set (lvl 27) with boots (lvl 23)


One would think that the mismatched Outcast Boots would go with the level 23 set: the Tempered Laminoid set.  They do not!  And trust me, you know if these clearly orange boots go with something or not.  It’s not ambiguous.  Nope, they ended up matching the level 31 Chanlon Onslaught set.

Chanlon Onslaught set (lvl 31) with Outcast boots (lvl 23)


Weird, right?

I haven’t been able to check the matching of all the things because I don’t have all the recipes yet.  And sometimes matching isn’t very clear (on medium armor, a lot of it is opinion).  And in this article I haven’t even DEALT with the gloves, which are ALSO lower level than the set they are supposed to match.

Have you crafters out there noticed any other weirdness?


Boot Mismatch — 5 Comments

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  2. The same mismatching is occurring with the synthweaving schematics. Here’s the complete Resilient Polyplast set without color matching:

    The red just looks strange!

    If you enable color matching it looks ok, but shouldn’t be necessary:

    • Well the biggest clue that something is NOT really matching is if it changes color at all when you colormatch. If it’s truly part of the set, it will not shift color at all.