Just When I Was Happy With Customer Service…

Edit: Oh hey, after a bunch of bloggers holler on the internet, it gets resolved… but it had nothing to do with the hollering… totally.


After an initial bad experience with customer service, I have been impressed with their responsiveness to tickets- both in timeliness and in pinpointing the specific complaint.

This last week, we moved servers, which was fast.  We got our bank back in about 4 days, which is longer than we wanted to wait, but not terrible.  We’re dealing with the occasional issue of asshattery on the new server, but otherwise, our raid program didn’t miss a beat and life is good… and then I read this:

An Unexplained SWTOR Ban (Part 1, Part 2)

No really, you must read this.  I’ll wait.

Have you read it yet?  OK…

What the fuckcrap?!  So I’m going to put on a little theater for you:

Your Boss: You’re suspended.  Begone for a week.

You: Uh wut?

Your Boss: You heard me.  Week.  Out.

You: OK, I can’t think of what on earth I did wrong, what is this about?

Your Boss: You broke a company policy!  It’s very serious.

You: Um, I still can’t think of what I did.  Which company policy was it?  The manual is pretty thick…

Your Boss: YOU BROKE A COMPANY POLICY, what’s there not to get?  And if you do it again after your suspension, you’re FIRED.

You: Hrm, maybe I should take this upstairs


(Later in HR)

You: So you see, I can’t even think of what I did that violated any company policy.  If I’ve done something that is against regulations, please tell me what, so I can not do it anymore.

Boss’s Boss: I see here that you were suspended for a breach of company policy.  I’ve looked into it and you did indeed do that, so your boss was right to suspend you.

You: What policy?  Did you even listen to what I said?

Boss’s Boss: A COMPANY POLICY!  It’s a serious offense.

You: Yes but what policy?

Boss’s Boss: We can’t discuss internal HR matters.

You: Even about my own file?  We’re not talking about someone else’s HR disciplinary action.

Boss’s Boss: … or how we detect violations, or you jerks will try to avoid detection.

You: Um, I didn’t ask HOW, I asked WHAT.

Boss’s Boss: We consider the matter closed.

You: But if I come back next week after my suspension, if I don’t know what I did, I’ll be fired if I do whatever it is again.

Boss’s Boss: Well don’t break policy again.

You: Um… can I get a real answer?


(Even later, higher up in the company)

Boss’s Boss’s Boss: Yep, totally, I reviewed your case up and down and sideways, and the decision stands – you totally broke a company policy.  Would you mind filling out a survey?

You: I quit.

As you can see from the dramatic reenactment above, this shit wouldn’t fly in the real world.  Maybe I can get away with saying to my husband “I’m mad and won’t tell you why” if he forgets an anniversary or some such bullshit1, but you can’t pull that shit when you’re in a contractual business relationship.

If this happened to me, well I’d feel pretty damn helpless.  If you don’t know what the hell you did, then you don’t know how to stop doing it!  This is basic logic, duh.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable committing to guild events knowing that any moment I might be suspended or banned without warning.

So, dear readers, this is bullshit.  Total bullshit.  And I hope that someone from the skeleton crew they still HAVE over there is paying attention because, holy shit, this is so unacceptable.

  1. This never happens, as I’m the forgetter of anniversaries because they’re dumb

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        • >crosses fingers<

          But anniversaries are totally excellent things to remember. I love excuses to celebrate. =D

    1. I like ‘what the fuckcrap’ a lot. I think ‘fuckcrap’ is a very astute way of describing the anal deflowering that BioWare CS has pulled on her. Hopefully she takes my advice and hammers CS.

    2. At least when I was given the olde quit before you’re fired bit, I knew what I did, and was told what I did, even if the whole thing was a total crock of BS where doing it one time shouldn’t get you fired. At least that jack off captain had the common courtesy to tell me what he was so mad about.

    3. Hehe, you guys, as it turns out, are AWESOME hollerers (is that a word? it is now). I just hope they make this a change for everyone, not just for me.

      I’m watching you, SWTOR. *menacing stare*