Patch 1.3 looks beyond awesome.  However, in my little corner of the universe, I’m freaking out…

Augment Kits

Presuming everyone already has augmented weapon(s), chest, head, and legs, we will still need to augment 10 more pieces: boots, gloves, bracers, belt, earpiece, implants x 2, relics x 2, and off-hand.

Each augment kit takes 10 reverse engineered doodads, each of which comes from a crafted item.  That means each person will need 100 items crafted for those kits.  100. Items. Granted, you can get SOME of the mats back through reverse engineering, but still, 100 items that take level 6 materials.  When each mission to get level 6 mats takes 30 minutes, and then each minion comes back with 4 units (give or take), the flow of materials is severely limited.

But wait!  You’ll have to fill those new augment slots with augments (duh).  Each augment takes 4 purple augment parts from slicing missions.  That means each person will need 40 purple augment parts.  Holy geez, do you know how long it takes to accumulate those damn things?  I have all my companions at 10k affection, and T7 has a 2% crit bonus, and I probably have 80 of them.  Which would just about cover myself and 1 other guildie.  That’s not a lot of people coverage for months of gathering.

Needless to say, I’m looking at how the fuck we are going to augment all the things in a reasonable amount of time, and I’m seriously panicking.  I comfort myself with the thought that people will not want to augment a non-orange item unless it’s close to best in slot, so all 10 augment kits might not be needed right away.

New Recipes

New orange recipes for boots, bracers, gloves, and belts – woot.  However, how many will there be, exactly?  I’ve just finished gathering all the recipes for armormech and synthweaving.  Right now with chest, hat, and pants there are about 120 synthweaving and 90 armormech recipes that I have (give or take).  I’m only missing 4 (armormech hats).

Now, suppose they add recipes for belt, bracers, gloves, and boots to each existing orange set.  That would mean 160 new synthweaving recipes and 120 new armormech recipes.  After gathering the aforementioned existing recipes, the thought of collecting an even larger number of recipes makes me want to hide under my desk.  For the last few months, I’ve been checking the auction houses religiously to make sure to complete my sets.  I’m nearing the end of that journey just to be tossed back onto the trading treadmill.  Fail.  At least they’re combining the auction houses so I don’t have to check in multiple places.

We will have to see what they add… and I dearly hope they increase the underworld trading drop rate because, holy hell!

And that’s what’s making me run for cover.  Your thoughts on Patch 1.3?


Why I’m Freaking The Eff Out About Patch 1.3 — 7 Comments

  1. Heh, I think I’ve got hundreds of those Augment parts, but I don’t have any crafter (of my own) that can make any Augments – yet.

  2. I am so ridiculously freakin’ excited for this patch. Group tool, ranked warzones, agent changes (which actually make us … *gasp* BETTER!), GTN linking, new crafting, augment tables get used again (remember *those* in beta?!), there’s almost TOO much to count! Threat generation boosted by 100% (from 50 to 100% for almost all abilities), heal balancing, it’s almost like Launch 2.0. It’s incredibly exciting!

  3. Patch per se seems to be yet another miracle, but there’s this one very thing that I don’t really understand:

    – Level cap increase;

    • If they increase the level cap on CRAFTING and make me grind more, I will spontaneously combust.

      • It does seem odd to be trivializing content already, especially the raids. Ad of course, the cap increase will be coming ‘later this year’ along with the new planet Makeb, I bet. Still, if it’s a paid expansion or a free content update … either way is a bad move unless they plan to create all new stories to fulfill those 5 levels. Sounds like they’re just churning out more story content without something to do at the end of it. Sounds like launch, hmm?

        • Well if they’re adding 5 whole levels, maybe they’ll have my so-called “husband” of a companion talk to me again. Maybe he’ll bring me breakfast in the captain’s quarters.

  4. While augment kits are awesome and will be in high-demand, don’t kill yourself getting us all pimped-out.

    Somewhere a dev stated that current content is not tuned to require fully-augmented gear (not like we have heard that before). Nonetheless, every little upgrade will help when we move from Story Mode EC to Hard Mode.

    So yeah, every little bit will help, and we love you for it, but don’t go losing your mind on us. 🙂