Seriously, all over the fleet I see Kira, Elara, Risha, and Nadia roaming about in bikinis.  Well, if dressing your companion in a bikini is the cool thing to do, I’m not going to be left behind.  Behold, my bikini-clad companion, Akaavi Spar.

Does she remind you of anyone?  From Futurama?

Death by Snoo Snoo!

I think Akaavi might murder me in my sleep.


All The Cool Kids Dress Their Companions In Bikinis — 7 Comments

  1. sure makes Tiber’sheth want to reconsider all the [flirt] options he has been skipping over in our recent cantina conversations as I gift grind my companions to 10,000.

    • If you’ve already bsocked Risha, it’s too late to get it on with Akaavi. I think.

      • Not that it would ever be a problem… plus I kind of think she wants to kill me. She keeps talking about honor from fighting, and will then turn around and say, “BTW you are actually a good fighter.” Pretty soon I’ll be on her Honor Hit List.

  2. Dude… that is seriously disturbing.

    I wish I could make Theran wear a bikini. Lol. A woman’s bikini. That would be hilarious.

  3. Is it worth noting that Zap Brannagin was proud of the fact that he got put into a cast from chest to knee and had to walk on crutches after his death by snoo snoo event?

    • Also that a cast from chest to knee is more modest than his usual attire: