I’ve been playing a sithie bounty hunter lately, because I was pretty happy with the class in beta.  Something about a gruff american accent in a sea of brits.  Because of legacy unlocks, I made a “rep-style” Zabrak bounty hunter, which I don’t find as anachronistic as big fat red sithie jedi, but that’s a topic for another day.

That totally isn't the exact same toon as my main with a different hairstyle...

Now, Mako.  I think it’s so overpowered that my first companion is a healer.  Yes, I feel bitter that on my main (sentinel), I had to wait until the late 30’s to get a healer companion.  She’s really into bounty hunting.  She knows all the great hunt winners, and you keep her happy by sticking to the code.  So you’d think that she knows what being a bounty hunter entails.

But no, she’s a big fat whiner!  Every time we’re about to go into someplace spooky or yucky, she say “We’re not going in THERE are we?”

Yes, Mako, we are.  You begged to come along.  I have to go THERE for my great hunt assignment.  You know, the hunt that you LOVE and want to win more than anything in the world… so yes, we are going into the big scary fort/cave/nest/temple.  Shut up.


Mako the Whiner — 1 Comment

  1. Awww… Mako’s not whiny. She’s SASSY!
    Well, at least I found myself agreeing with her. I didn’t want to be there either. Stupid bounties running to lousy planets.

    Though at least she has good reasons for not wanting to go to Nar Shadaa. But I assume you’ll learn about those eventually.