OK, what I mean here is the damn dangly crotch strap on certain (most) Jedi robes.  But if I put “crotch” in the title, I get a lot of spam.

After they fixed the headgear bug, I was all excited to ditch my belly shirt and wear a proper jedi robe (without the hood showing).  I chose the blade master robe.  Very classic.

See? Doesn’t that scream Obi Wan?  Just lemme take out my sabers…

Um what the fuck is with that stretchy triangle of EVIL?  Hell no.  Incidentally, light armor with crotch flaps also weirds out in combat stance, just in a different way.


On the Fronts of Robes — 6 Comments

  1. I believe that triangle is known as the “Light-Side Crotch Shield.” Just so you know. Because knowing is half the battle.

    Having more ammunition is the other half.

    • I am seriously bemoaning the inability to wear imp clothes. I am always bemoaning it, but I’m bemoaning it more today. WTB Sith Dueling Leathers nom nom nom.

      • You know, you can always just switch sides …

        IM JUST SAYIN.

        And not all Imperial clothing is cool. Just most of it. In fact, a lot of it. I should take pics of my Sith Warrior so you can see his freakishly awesome helmet and well-coordinated wardrobe. It’ll make your knees weak, your heart palpitate, and your soul cry.

        • That kind of flashy flamboyant clothing is unsuitable for the Jedi. After all, there is not passion, there is only the Jedi Codpeace (see what I did there?).