As you know, there’s no hood-down option.  And, for Jedi Sentinels, the vast majority of gear is hooded.  If I don’t want a hoodie, I have the following options:

  1. The Apprentice’s Vest.  This is a strange color and doesn’t match anything.  Also, if you color match anything to it, the result is so weird-looking, you’ll burn your retinas.
  2. The Aspiring Knight’s Vest AKA belly shirt.  The BOY version doesn’t have that much skin showing.  Sigh.  (This is my current wardrobe.)
  3. Smuggler gear.  Which I guess is ok, but… um… I’m a jedi.  It looks a little silly.  Especially the detailing for “holsters.”
  4. Use a hat that pushes back the hood.  More on that below.

Most of the medium armor sentinel hats are circlets that happily coexist with a hood.  Same with most sunglass-like hats.  All big ugleh hats will push back a hood (like smuggler hats) – but those don’t show hair and aren’t exactly an improvement on the hood.

But there are some sunglass-like hats, worn by my heavy armor wearing guardian buddies, that push down the hoodie but still show hair (these are the Star Trek wraparound glasses).   And I finally found a medium armor headpiece that shows MOST of my hair and pushes down a hood.  Double yay.

Here’s the hat:

A simple level 23 armormech orange hat: Laminoid Battle Headgear.  It’s basically a circlet with a chin strap that one of my guildies says looks like a beard.  But most of my toon’s hair is sticking out so win!

Now I decided on the hoodie I want to wear:

And then put on the hat…

Yay, the hood is successfully hidden.  On the other hand, I’m bald and hornless.

This used to work properly and got totally broken in 1.2.  One of my male guildies with the sunglass-headgear discovered this when 1.2 hit and is currently running around bald due to this bug – but that’s all fine and dandy, because he’s a BOY.  And at that time, I didn’t care about this bug.  NOW I CARE ABOUT THIS BUG.  I’m so close to being able to wear a proper jedi robe without a hood and boo!  Foiled by bugs.

This bug is in the known issues thread.  I just hope it gets fixed sooner rather than later.

Also, there are sithies complaining about making out with a bald Jeasa Wilsaam.  We all suffer due to bugs.


Of Hoodies, Hats, and Hair — 7 Comments

  1. This bug forces me to go shirtless as much as possible. At least then you can see my hair.

    Apparently, this bug was created when they tried to fix an issue regarding some toons’ hair, lekku, and eye-pillows clipping through hoods. All I can say is boo.

  2. The bald bug has hit my Sith Warrior’s Quinn … he’s got the agent glasses (headpiece thingie) and it makes him bald. I’m growing to like it, as it gives me a perfectly shaped target to slap like I’m on the of the Three Stooges.

  3. I just wanted to say that that third screenshot was a wonderfully set up punchline. Didn’t see it coming at all, lol.

    • I am hoping that this will be fixed sooner rather than later. I already have the oranges with augment slot sitting in my bank just WAITING.

  4. The tears on my face are from joy. From today’s patch notes:


    An issue that could prevent hair from showing on Jedi Knights while wearing certain visors has been addressed.”

    • Dude, I logged on at 630 AM to test this and INDEED IT WORKS! Nom nom nom!