We were all confused when 1.2 came out about what we could and could not reverse engineer, and what recipes we’d be able to get.  After putzing around, I have figured out a few things about armor that is “old.”  I have no comments on all the new armor added in Patch 1.2 or on mods/augments/etc that are not armor.

(1) If you hover over the crafted item and it has “chance to blah blah research blah blah” on it, that means you might get a new schematic out of it.  Otherwise, forget it.

(2) If you’ve learned all the recipes you can possibly learn from a crafted item, you will get text in the tooltip that says “no available research” or something similar.

(3) You cannot learn a new schematic from RE-ing a non-crafted (drop/purchased) green, blue, or purple piece of armor.  There is no research chance stated in the tooltip.  It will not say “no research available” either.  The tooltip is just silent on the research issue.

(4) You CAN RE a not-crafted (drop/purchased) green, blue, or purple piece of armor for mats only.  You will see the required level of synthweaving/armormech to do so on the tooltip.    However, the mats are piddly. Even for raid purples.  You are probably better off vendoring the item.

(5) You cannot RE an orange at all.  Not for a recipe.  Not even for mats.  Not even if you just crafted the damn thing and want to recoup some mats… It says “no research available” but it lies.  What it really means is “no, hahahah.”  It is grayed out when you hit the “Reverse Engineer” button.


Reverse Engineering Pre 1.2 Armor — 9 Comments

  1. So, I have not been able to verify this (primarily because I have neither a synthweaver nor armormech), but apparently if you put an armoring modification item into the orange-quality piece you can suddenly RE the thing. This can apparently be ANY armoring modification, even if it’s the lowest possible level green armoring that you purchased from a vendor on Coruscant or something. The devs have acknowledged on the forums that the inability to RE an orange item for mats (NOT for recipes) is a BUG and they are working on it, but there have been several posts discussing the armoring modification workaround as a temporary solution.

    • Ah that is interesting. I wonder if the amount of mats you get out of the RE is worth the hassle/cost of the armoring (even a low level one).

      • Well, my thought is that it may be worth it for things that use the lower level materials. You still don’t get very much in terms of materials, I suspect, but when you’re crafting multiple pieces in an attempt to crit an augment slot it’s probably much easier to be able to RE them to get back some mats than to travel back out to whatever planet hopefully has sufficient spawns of stupid eralam crystals or whatever.

          • Call me old fashioned, but I would farm that crap up myself too. Ye olde idiots can totally help, but if I needed Bronzium for example, I could get way more for free in less time by just flying Taris and collecting it while I lol at level 17 Elites biting at my glass cannon ankles.

          • See, I just have too many other things to do to babysit the minions running five and ten minutes missions. And I would totally go farm stuff I needed, but I have zero idea which planets have what materials spawns. I suppose I could look it up, but I’m just way too lazy for that.

          • I found a great way to capitalize on the idiots. I was doing work at home yesterday, and had the game running on my laptop. Every few minutes, I would send them out again and get back to work. I may log on this weekend while cleaning the house to do the same.

          • If I intend to read something on the internet, I can send out the idiots while alt tabbed out doing other things. I keep it in windowed (fullscreen windowed) mode and can see the “pending” in the top right corner even wtih a web browser open. Also with the new sound thing you can have background noises on even when it’s minimized, so I can hear the idiots come back and know to send them back out.

    • I popped an armoring into the orange crafted items and still could not RE em. Epic fail.