Got to do some toon creation last night.  I have a lvl 50 (republic) Zabrak and a lvl 50 cyborg.


As expected, if you unlock cyborg, you get access to all the cybernetics in game.  The slider starts with the agent ones and works its way through to the trooper ones.  In the end there are 60+ options, but there might be some duplicates.

However, character creation is a bit tough without slider labels:

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Hopefully that got fixed last night in the patch.


As you know, Zabraks can already be all the classes in both factions.  However, Republic Zabrak and Empire Zabrak are considered two different species for character creation purposes.  Getting to 50 with a republic zabrak unlocks “Empire Zabrak” for republic toons and “republic zabrak” for empire toons.

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So you can’t mix and match the options (for example, the empire red skin tones with a republic tattoo).  I was kinda disappointed that I couldn’t get the badass tattoos of the empire side without those gross red-ringed eyes.


Cyborg and Zabrak Character Creation Post 1.2 — 2 Comments

  1. Oh awesome. There’s so much new stuff going on with the patch, I hadn’t even checked out the unlocked characters yet. I will definitely have to create an alt with an empire zabrak.

  2. I got to make a Chiss Consular last night, twin brother to Targeter. I’m working on a post about my 1.2 impressions too, but so far it’s been a total home-run. For me. Dunno ’bout you, but my guild seemed really enthused.